Фотоэкскурс по Питеру: задворки, улицы, дворы.

Фотоэкскурс по Питеру: задворки, улицы, дворы.

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2 часа

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Русский язык

Its a great idea — good, professional, nice photos  from your favorite city. I mean St Petersburg informally called Piter by locals.
A double pleasure to walk with a local guide, listen to the tour, see SPb with unusual angles and get a full camera of new photos.
Chip 'n Dale — Rescue Rangers? No! , Asya and Arthur — best friends and photographers will help you!
Tour "Piter inside out" is the tour through the informal part of the city. You will see the famous yards with graffiti sometimes living only for a couple of days, cool snack bars and scary city corners from the time of Dostoevsky... We will tell you stories and tales about its biography and capture the image of your personal Petersburg experience!
Well, are you ready to smile like a St. Isaac's Cathedral? or frown, like a Kazan Cathedral? and, perhaps, to dance, as reflected in the water Admiralty ?
Lets join us to "Piter" or St. Petersburg! Here it is you choose ....

Asja and Art

ps Price is the same regardless of the number of participants

Regular ticket 2000 ₽ per person
Activity book period:
You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed:
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide:

Sadovaya metro station

How long your tour will be:
2 hours
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Отличная идея — это фотография на память в любимом городе. Ведь вдвойне приятно прогуляться вместе с гидом, послушать экскурсию, увидеть Питер с необычных ракурсов и получить целый фотоаппарат новых фотографий.

На помощь придут — нет, нет, не Чип энд Дейл, а Ася и Артур — лучшие друзья-фотографы.

Итак, на повестке дня следующий маршрут — маршрут "Питер наизнанку" — где вы увидите знаменитые дворы-колодцы, живущие порой пару дней граффити, самые злачные забегаловки и страшные уголки Достоевских времен....
Город, и мы вместе с ним, расскажем вам истории и байки его биографии, запечатлим в вашей памяти именно ваш Петербург, сфотографируем пойманный момент.

Обратите внимание: стоимость фотопрогулки вне зависимости от количества участников одна и та же.

Ну что, вы готовы улыбаться как Исаакиевский собор? Или хмуриться, как Казанский? А может быть, приплясывать как отражающееся в воде Адмиралтейство, позируя фотографу? Тогда ай да с нами!

Стандартный билет 2000 ₽ за человека
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Бронирование возможно за 36 часов до начала.
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На каких языках проводится?:
Английский, Русский
Место начала:

Метро Сенная Площадь

Какова длительность?:
2 часа
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I had a very nice evening with Anja and Artur. I learned a lot and not only russian cooking. Anja is really a smily and open hearted person. I recommend +++

около 4 лет назад

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Julie Q.

We had a such a great time with Anastasia and her husband! They were incredibly welcoming and open and shared with us not only delicious Russian cuisine, but Russian hospitality and a glimpse into what life is like in Russia. We hope to meet you again someday, Anastasia! Thank you for a tasty, wonderful evening!

больше 4 лет назад

Pei H.

Consider myself very lucky that my first visit to Russia end up in Nastasia's wonderful and heart-warming kitchen. It is one of those great moments when you find yourself having good time with friends you just met in a hostel in a foreign country. Cannot wait to come back and cannot wait and eat for more блины :D

больше 4 лет назад


I feel myself really unlucky! I haven't a chance to eat Nastya's pancakes every day. They were incredible and absolutely unforgetable. Still waiting for some extra ones:) Chmok v nos:)

почти 5 лет назад

Leandra S.

... you should definitively try it! :D we can only recommand this excursion into the russian cuisine! it was a lovely evening with you two, anastasia and arthur, you are very spontaneous, open minded and welcoming! we enjoyed it a lot to cook, talk, eat and even sing with you! :) we hope we ll see you again sometime, someplace.. !!! till then, we wish you all the best!
Medea and Leandra

почти 5 лет назад

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