Петроградская в деталях

Петроградская в деталях

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1000 руб.


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3 часа

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Русский язык

One of the nicest parts of Saint Petersburg: Petrogradskaya side. The architecture here is realy beautiful and some of her parts are hidden so you have to look closely to mention them.
One I explored almost all streets of this part of the city and now I can share my experience with you.
We will go in to the unusual yards, pass the botanical garden, look at misterious hotel that was build but never opened it's doors to the guests.
The walk will be quite long so in the end I will show you the nice place were you can try traditional russian dumplings.


Ticket: 1000 RUB per person

What places will you see:

Beautiful buildings, yards, misterious hotel.

Activity book period:
You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
How can you pay for the activity:
You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
Languages in what activity is performed:
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide:

Метро Петроградская

How long your tour will be:
3 hours
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Петроградская — одна из самых красивых и интересных частей Петербурга.
Здесь столько интересных зданий и дворов! И не всегда их красота видна сразу. Нужно приглядеться и увидеть удивительные детали.
Мы прогуляемся по острову, останавливаясь у необычных домов, заходя в красивые дворы и даже дойдем до заброшенной гостиницы Северная Корона.


Билет: 1000 руб. за человека

Какие места вы увидите:

Beautiful buildings, yards, misterious hotel.

За какой период можно бронировать:
Бронирование возможно за 36 часов до начала.
Как можно оплатить:
карта Visa или Mastercard, Сбербанк Онлайн, Альфа-Клик, WebMoney, Яндекс Деньги и наличными в отделениях Связного или Евросети
На каких языках проводится?:
Английский, Русский
Место начала:


Какова длительность?:
3 часа
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t t t t t

Vlada is a great guide. She's funny, flexible and apparently loves her city. I enjoyed the places she took me to, the stories she shared with me during our walk, and the random but totally beautiful encounters we had in some of the places. By the way, the food was yummy!

7 месяцев назад

Default m medium

t t t t t

It was very good, Vlada was very friendly and helpful and it was very enjoyable talking to her. It was nice to see places that are not obvious to tourists.

8 месяцев назад

Default m medium

t t t t t

Great tour, we really enjoyed getting to see places we wouldn't have been able to find on our own. Vlada is really cool and knowledgeable!

9 месяцев назад

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t t t t t

Our tour with Vlada was so fun. We went to many spots in St. Petersburg like cafes, stores, a market, went to the roof of a museum, she helped us navigate buying tickets at the Metro ticket station for a hockey game. We were so glad to have an afternoon of adventure with Vlada! Highly recommend anyone who wants to see some different places and talk to a local about their city.

9 месяцев назад

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Martin A.

t t t t t

So after the imperssions are digest, i would like to make a assessment. Here it comes so be willing to here it.

It was the sweetest tour on my trip to europa. Great locations with tasty stuff & the guide is more than only kind. It was a pleasure & for me because of that St. Petersburg will get his own place in me mind.

Thank you Vlada, i wish you all the best & save your open mindedness.

почти 4 года назад

Default medium
Mark S.

t t t t t

Tour date 29th April 2013

Great tour includes historic restaurants/cafes, a soviet type cafe and a workers vodka bar. Lots of interesting facts and chat.

Thanks Vlada

около 4 лет назад

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