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22 дня назад

почти 2 года назад

Спасибо Светлане за экскурсию!
Не смотря на дождь, все прошло приятно и уютно :)

почти 3 года назад

около 1 года назад

22 дня назад

Хороший маршрут и отличный кораблик. Были на Фонтанке, Крюковом канале, Мойке и Неве. На кораблике есть пледы и кафе, где можно заказать горячие и холодные напитки.

12 месяцев назад

Бронировал для мамы и ее друзей. Всем очень понравилось. Спасибо Спутнику!

10 месяцев назад

3 месяца назад

около 1 года назад
Светлана Н.

t t t t t 24 августа 2014

Для тех, кто решил отправиться в кулинарное путешествие с Александром, могу сказать следующее: преимущества этой необычной экскурсии заключаются как в получении знаний о местонахождении замечательных вкусных пекарен со свежайшим, на ваших глазах приготовленным в тандыре хлебом, так и в возможности научиться тонкостям сервировки и подачи национальных блюд. Кроме того, узнаете, как создаются невероятно вкусные традиционные узбекские яства. Несомненно приятно удивят цены на еду. На две тысячи мы вшестером просто объелись! Ценник не только не разоряет бюджет, но и дает возможность воспользоваться уникальным случаем, чтобы значительно расширить свой кругозор и обогатить кулинарный опыт. В общем, эта экскурсия- особый взгляд на узбекскую культуру и традиции,на особенности уклада жизни приезжих из Узбекистана в России. Так что, ешьте плов и будьте счастливы! )))

Steve M.

t t t t t 8 июня 2015

This is a learner's tour! If you wish to learn about Central Asia, how its current political borders came to be, of the different ethnicities that combine to make this area of the world so amazing, and want to see food as a testament to a cultural legacy, this tour is for you. Alex is cordial, polite and full of knowledge. He will amaze you with his vast knowledge of migration patterns, diffusion of culture, and history. This is a tour that will explode misconceptions and leave you informed and confident about some forgotten corners or "doubly-landlocked" corners of the world. I have had the opportunity to take this tour twice, once as an area of interest and once with students--Alex fulfilled all expectations and more. Oh, and the food was great as well. In one word--marvelous!

Mehdi B., Gainesville, Florida, USA

t t t t t 15 сентября 2015

Alex's tour is a good dichotomy between the food and the history of Central Asia. Very fascinating to learn about this part of the world as we in the US receive only scant information about this region in the normal course of studies. We visited several markets where Central Asian food and products were sold and ended with an awesome lunch. I very much recommend his tour if you're from a part of the world where you can't get Uzbek food as this is a good place to taste it! I have a suggestion which would be to offer a tour where one could learn how to make Uzbek/Central Asian food (since it's so hard to come by outside of the region).

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Pascale M.

t t t t t 11 сентября 2013

I took the tour on September 8th, 2013.
Alexandr is a great host! I learnt a lot during the walk around the local market, and I loved the Uzbek meal! He has a lot of great stories to share, and we had a great conversation. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone, whether you are a small group or just traveling alone, looking for something different to do. Try it out!!!
I wish Alexandre all the best in his future endeavours, and all the best to this company, whose mission - to put travelers in touch with locals for a different taste of St. Petersburg- is a great one!!


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t t t t t 19 сентября 2015

This tour was incredibly interesting and Alex is so knowledgeable. The trip to the market was great and not rushed, we had time to buy a few things Alex talked about/showed us. He gave us a great history of the Uzbek population in St. Petersburg, as well as central Asia in general and the influence of so many different countries on Uzbek food. He ordered several dishes for us to try at the restaurant and all were delicious. Alex is very friendly and after the tour walked us back in the direction we needed and made sure we knew how to get back to our hotel. Highly recommended!

David H., Exeter, U.K.

t t t t t 28 августа 2014

Alex is an interesting guy, obviously a young man with a bright future (one of the founders of this amazing venture). I was intrigued by this tour having visited Central Asia a couple of times. I learned a lot, and my wife learned even more. I felt at ease with Alex because he seemed to be enjoying himself. And the food we eventually had was very tasty and not too costly (and Alex paid for his own food). Finally, I liked that he was flexible about dates and times for the tour due to the fact that we were only in St. P. a short time and had already booked other Sputnik tours.

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t t t t t 10 марта 2016

I spent a great afternoon wandering Vasilievsky Island with Alex. We went to the market and had delicious Uzbek food afterwards. One of my future trips will be to retrace the silk route, so it was wonderful to pick Alex's brains about central asia's history/culture. He is a great source of knowledge of that area and saint p as well. If he were to lead other food tours of cuisines not commonly found outside of the former soviet union, I would sign up in a heartbeat!

ТаксиЛет, Saint-Petersburg, Россия

t t t t t 20 января 2013

Пал жертвой экскурсии по узбекской еде:) Как и Саша, я предательски люблю есть. Так уж повелось, что на виду в Петербурге, в основном, или европейская кухня, или японская, или то, что мы обычно зовем "русской". Но есть места! Даааа! Есть волшебный грузинский уголок "КЭТ", есть армянская "Киликия" и есть, как оказалось, это волшебное узбекское место - с удивительно вкусной едой и чаем за тридцать рублей. Безусловно, must see в Петербурге.

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t t t t t 7 июня 2015

I have taken many other tours in St. Petersburg but this is a very unique and interesting one! Alex is second to none not only in the types of food of Central Asia, but also in the history and culture of this area that is little known to most western tourists. We visited a very authentic food market on Vasilievsky Island and we had a great lunch in a nearby restaurant. Alex is very friendly and a great company! Many thanks Alex!

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t t t t t 16 сентября 2014

This was a good way to spend a couple of hours in St. Petersburg. Alex made me feel instantly at ease and has a great sense of humour. He's very knowledgeable about history of not just Russia but also central Asia, so while you're enjoying divine food, you're learning at the same time. I definitely recommend this tour to anyone that wants to do something different in St. Petersburg.

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Jorik, Arnhem, Netherlands

t t t t t 1 января 2017

Aleksandr was like a window on central asia. He tells you about the people through the delicious food that is on offer on the market and a small market with handlers and products from the region. Combined with his smile and open mind he makes a great guide. If you are looking for a rather different view on st Petersburg this is wortwhile.

(The Netherlands)

Rob P., Melbourne, Australia

t t t t t 2 октября 2012

You delivered a fantastic tour of the market, explained the ingredients that go into Uzbek food and then took us to one of your favourite small family restaurants. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to see a slice of real Russia and enjoy the company of a really great host in Alexandr!

Rob, Kaye, Peter and Ange from Melbourne, Australia

Max A., London, UK

t t t t t 3 апреля 2015

I went on Aleksandr's tour with my girlfriend on our first day in St Petersburg and we both really enjoyed the experience. He is a very friendly host with loads of interesting stories about Uzbek food and culture.

The food we ate was delicious and very filling, make sure to go on an empty stomach!

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t t t t t 8 февраля 2016

Alex gave us a great tour on both the food and the history of the Uzbek people. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. The tour was a perfect mix and the food at the end was delicious. Definitely a tour that I can recommend, thanks!

Ken M.

t t t t t 6 декабря 2013

Alexandr was a great host. He was knowledgeable and very friendly. The tour he gave of the market and the place we sat down to eat in were excellent. The food was delicious. Thanks Alexandr for a pleasant time. i hope we meet again.

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t t t t t 28 ноября 2016

Very unique and interesting tour about Uzbek and not only, comprehensive introduction, market visit and tasty lunch at Uzbek restaurant. Very good knowledge of Uzbek history, culture and present. Many thanks to Aleksandr for tour.

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t t t t t 26 сентября 2015

We enjoyed our visit with Alexandr and the visit to a local market and Uzbek restaurant. We learned a great deal about the history of Central Asia and how this culture impacted our modern world. Thanks for an enjoyable experience.

Irene c.

t t t t t 23 сентября 2013

Alexandr is a great host and guide! I really enjoyed the fantastic tours to the local market. The food at a back alley local eatery was amazing and delicious. I would never be a to find such places on my own.


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t t t t t 26 октября 2014

Thanks Alex for a great tour! I not only enjoyed great food but also learned some history about Russia and Central Asia were Alex is from. The Uzbek food we ordered was absolutely delicious!! Thanks again Alex!

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t t t t t 22 октября 2014

It was a really good tour. He gave us a lot oh history and interesting facts on central Asia. We had good food at an Uzbek restaurant. Would recommend

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Mark S., Carrickfergus, United Kingdom

t t t t t 19 мая 2013

Tour date 30th April 2013

Excellent introduction to Uzbek food, also interesting visit to a local market and bakery.


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Олефир_т, Irkutsk, Россия

t t t t t 18 августа 2016

Познавательно. Так скажем, разговор на тему, которую в своей повседневной жизни мы вряд ли бы затронули. Рекомендуем!

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Pirjo F., Таллин, Эстония

t t t t t 10 июля 2017

We had a great afternoon!

Reija Y., Helsinki, Finland

t t t t t 2 мая 2016

Very interesting!

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Agatha a., Bassersdorf, Switzerland

t t t t t 24 апреля 2017

We loved it!

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Татьяна А., Москва, Россия

t t t t t 3 июля 2017

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Samjurk, Fort Worth, США

t t t t t 1 марта 2017

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German F., Москва, Россия

t t t t t 15 февраля 2017

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Benoit, France

t t t t t 10 декабря 2016

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t t t t t 9 сентября 2015

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Greg.e.m, Woburn, США

t t t t t 2 октября 2016

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Graham R., Россия

t t t t t 11 июля 2016

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Kpfujita, Ростов-на-Дону, Россия

t t t t t 1 мая 2016

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Linn Ø., Norway

t t t t t 29 апреля 2016

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Алексей Б.

t t t t t 12 июня 2015

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Robin J., Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation

t t t t t 3 ноября 2015

Alesandr was a great host - it was a pleasure walking and talking with him. The small Uzbek restaurant was quite modest - but the food was delicious. Both the talking and tasting were fine. I have given 4 stars rather than 5 because from the description of the tour I had hoped to learn a little more about the Uzbek kitchen, its spices and the way they are used. But in any case, thanks for a good afternoon with my two guests from Denmark.

Robin Jensen May 2015

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Gavin C., London, United Kingdom

t t t t t 25 июня 2014

Alexsandr was a great guide. Easy to talk to and was very informative. He has a real passion for what he is doing and this can be experienced in his guide style. The stories were good and best of all the food was very good.

It was really good to learn about Central Asia, and all the 'stans countries. Definitely a must experience tour.

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Олесяб, Таллин, Эстония

t t t t t 17 июля 2017

Отличная идея и воплощение. Александр - интересный собеседник. Правда цена, возможно, чуть-чуть завышенная.

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Nick R., Россия

t t t t t 20 августа 2016

Very good, thorough knowledge and willing to answer all my questions.

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Rshienle, Москва, Россия

t t t t t 2 января 2017