Украинский кулинарный мастер-класс

Украинский кулинарный мастер-класс

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499 грн.


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4 часа

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I was lucky enough to meet Julia through Sputnik and enjoy a wonderful day shopping for the fresh ingredients we would use in our meal. I had always wanted to learn how to make varenyky and Julia even…
t t t t t Отзыв оставил Kyle G.
Языки проведения
Русский язык

If you want to make...

— Ukrainian borsch
— Kiev chicken
— Varenyky ( Ukrainian dumplings — only with cottage cheese or cherries!)
— or special Galician dishes "kruchenyky", "knedlyki", "goloobci" etc

...but don't know how to start — let me help you!

I will teach you how to cook one of the listed dishes, as my grandmother and mother has taught me. I will reveal traditional and regional ( Western Ukrainian ) secrets of cooking as well as talk about modern inventions of Ukrainian cuisine.

There is a special offer for vegetarians.

p.s. If you want to learn how to cook something very special — for example the traditional Galician dish " Flyachki " — a soup made from cow's stomach ( yummy!) — leave your requests ;)

Where will we make our class?
In the regular kitchen. Yes , let's dive totally into the local atmosphere.

Class, food & drinks — for such a low price as 25$!


Regular ticket: 499 UAH per person

What is included in activity:

Mostly organic products - all included!
Soft drinks (usually Uzvar)
Shot of spirit for digestion;)

Activity schedule:

Every day, time you choose

What places will you see:

Мою кухню:)

Activity book period:
You can book tour for 8 hours before start.
How can you pay for the activity:
You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
Languages in what activity is performed:
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide:

Entrance to Hetman Hotel, V.Velykogo st. , Lviv, Ukraine

How long your tour will be:
4 hours
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If you have questions, please fill the form below ниже

Если вы хотите приготовить дома...

— настоящий украинский борщ,
— киевскую котлету,
— вареники (настоящие украинские — только с творогом или вишнями!)
— или особые Галицкие блюда — крученикы или кнедлыки (бьюсь об заклад, вы не знаете, что это)

...но не знаете, как приступить к этому тонкому кулинарному процессу — не беда!

Я научу вас готовить, как в свое время научила меня моя бабушка и мама (знатные, к слову, кулинарки). Раскрою традиционные и региональные (западно-украинские) секреты приготовления блюда, а также расскажу о современных открытиях, найденных и подслушанных мною.

Мастер-класс, продукты и напитки — всего за 25$!

Где все будет проходить?
На обычнейшей кухне. Да, будем погружаться в местный колорит полностью.

Существует специальное предложение и для вегетарианцев)

п.с. Если вы хотите научиться готовить что-то совсем особенное — как-то, например, традиционное галицкое блюдо "Флячки" — суп из коровьего желудка (ням-ням) — оставляйте запросы;)


Стандартный билет: 499 грн. за человека

Что включено:

Еда (в основном, органические продукты)
Напитки ( чаще всего - узвар)
Шот горячительного для аппетита;)


Каждый день, время выбираете вы

Какие места вы увидите:

Мою кухню:)

За какой период можно бронировать:
Бронирование возможно за 8 часов до начала.
Как можно оплатить:
карта Visa или Mastercard, Сбербанк Онлайн, Альфа-Клик, WebMoney, Яндекс Деньги и наличными в отделениях Связного или Евросети
На каких языках проводится?:
Английский, Русский
Место начала:

Вход в отель Гетьман, ул. В.Велыкого, Львов

Какова длительность?:
4 часа
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Отзывы клиентов

Андриы.е, Port Macquarie

t t t t t 22 мая 2015

We spent a fantastic afternoon learning about Ukraine and Ukrainian cuisine with Yulia.

Yulia offers a variety of meals and it all comes with the authenticity of a Ukrainian home and kitchen, allowing you to escape the city centre and see the tourist-free Lviv!

Yulia is a fantastic host and if we'd definitly recomend a cooking class with her if you happen to be in Lviv!

Мыке С.

t t t t t 15 ноября 2013

Me and my friends went on this tour and we have a great time. Julia was very nice, and patient with us, whilst we helped to cook our meal of Chicken Kiev, Borsch and cottage cheese pancakes. It took longer than it says, but that was due to use not flly telling Julia what we wanted to make - so make sure you let her know so she doesn't need to change her plans!

The only criticism I would suggest is that if you are already living in Kiev then you probably know and use Billa, which we used for our buying our ingredients. We would've liked to have used a more traditional type of market available - something that a non-Russian speaking person would find difficult to access.

The food we made was absolutely delicious - the borscht was sensational, and the chicken kievs were delightful! Thank you Julia for a wonderful afternoon

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Кыле Г.

t t t t t 15 ноября 2013

I was lucky enough to meet Julia through Sputnik and enjoy a wonderful day shopping for the fresh ingredients we would use in our meal. I had always wanted to learn how to make varenyky and Julia even accommodated my desire to make a potato filling. We spent the early evening preparing the dough and filling for our meal, made a lovely fresh salad and had some wine. What a great experience,shopping in a local market, preparing and cooking in her home and Julia is a warm, friendly person with will make your visit memorable. I cannot say enough about my experience and how much I enjoyed being part of a real Ukrainian experience. Please do this class if you are looking for an authentic way to enjoy some of your time in beautiful Kyiv.

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