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David H., Exeter, U.K.

t t t t t 28 августа 2014

Anna is a real professional. First of all, after we arrived nearly an hour late, she showed no visible annoyance to us. I would recommend to anyone booking any Sputnik tour to be sure to exchange mobile numbers both ways before the tour (after the deposit is paid) because our mobiles weren't working to contact her about being late.

Secondly, Anna is someone who doesn't just appreciate art and design (as we do), but has made it a lifelong pursuit. Her knowledge and talents were a bit wasted on us, because we didn't come on the tour looking to buy specific antiques. But even then she used her skills to pick up some things which were not expensive but really unique and worth keeping, and I feel we have some experiences and tangible items that we wouldn't have if we had not taken her tour.

I would definitely recommend her tour, especially for anyone who is serious about antiques and art.

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Juan R.

t t t t t 5 апреля 2014

Anna is the most wonderful sweet person and full of knowledge.I have to admit .I'm a world traveler and compares to others in Africa ,Sweden and Latin America.She made me feel at ease .Something very unique as people from around the world have preconceive notions of other people ,but her tours were spot on .I booked her for two days and I have to admit that the 800 Rubles is not enough she deserves more for her attention and care for the customer.If it is one regret that I have is that I should have tipped her handsomely.Anna I owe you

Alexandra W., St. Petersburg

t t t t t 13 сентября 2013

Anna is an absolute darling of a girl- super helpful and very like minded to myself! She is so interesting and has done so many things, we could have chatted all day, but the tour was so fantastic we couldn't spend all of our time talking! I asked her to accompany me to Vogues Fashion Night Out and she was so helpful, offering tips and hints on how to say and do things in Russia. She made me feel at ease and very comfortable- despite her being ill! (Get better soon!). Highly recommended.

Petra V., Helsinki, Finland

t t t t t 11 августа 2013

Anna is the best guide if you're into getting to know the second hand or antique shops of St-Petersburg. As a designer she knows all the best places to find exactly what you're looking for, whether you're after Soviet video games or old Russian Christmas decoration. She will bargain the best prices for you! I totally enjoyed the time with Anna, who is such a sweet person, and I highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to see St-Petersburg from a new perspective!

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Liv w., Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation

t t t t t 12 июля 2013

Super sweet girl, came out to meet me on a very short notice. She was very knowledgeable + helpful and the day I spent with her was the highlight of my entire trip - maybe only surpassed by the beauty of the Hermitage and the adventure I had on the Red Square by night. :D

Lawrence H., Toronto, Canada

t t t t t 30 июня 2012

Great guide, helped me figure out which items were actually Russian and those that were not at the market. Knows a lot about where to eat great authentic Russian cuisine too!