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Олга, Киев, Украина

t t t t t 29 июля 2013

Thanks for this tour! I learned a lot about the city where I usually don't have much time to look around. So from now I will see Kiev like with new eyes! :)

Alena, I wish you success with your work and I hope that you will make a lot of other tours in which I would also be glad to participate!

Мацкаы С., Kyiv, Украина

t t t t t 30 июля 2013

I want to thank Helen for all of her hard work and dedication)). This was one of the best times I've had in Kiev! I really appreciate her knowledge of this beautiful city and have gained a whole new perspective now. I hope we can do this again!!! A+++

Mackay Scanland
San Clemente, CA

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Филиппо а., Киев, Украина

t t t t t 1 августа 2013

thanks it was very fine,good occasion to know Kiev better and meet nice people

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Лазар Е., Киев, Украина

t t t t t 28 июля 2013

Good spoken English, everything was great, so we had a nice time! :)