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David H., Exeter, U.K.

t t t t t 16 июня 2014

Irina is so lovely. I signed up for the "Stadium to Stadium" tour but in fact what Irina provided was a high energy, seven hour tour of beautiful Kiev. She is personable, intelligent, informed, sensitive, patient and *really* fit. Her energy is endless. Irina really sincerely cared whether I was enjoying the tour and (at the end) whether I was happy. When I said "It was perfect, exactly what I was hoping for" her joyful reaction was fully sincere. I want to return to Kiev, but when I do I have to be sure that Irina is free, because if she is not around, I will change the date! My day in Kiev was really special, and I have Irina to thank for this.

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Charalampos-Christos T.

t t t t t 1 сентября 2015

Really nothing much to say... Irina was proven to be the best guide I ever came across! Talkative, open-minded, well-educated, and eager to orchestrate THE perfect tour of Kiev! I chose this tour on my 2nd day in Kiev, after seeing the basics the city has to offer the day before. She took the whole "task" to a different level! I really can't recollect how quickly time flew by... 4 hours really seemed to be only 20 minutes :)
All in all, the only person I could blindly choose to hang out on my next time in the beautiful Ukrainian capital!

Bora S., Çiftlikköy, Yalova, Turkey

t t t t t 12 августа 2013

In my second day in KIEV, I joined Beyond the Panorama Tour and it was really nice to walk around with Irina.She has lots of small stories to tell you on different corners of the city. She's one of the most smiley guide with full of positive energy I've ever met. I should warn you, you need a good rest before joining the tour otherwise it could be a bit hard to catch Irina :)

Ps: I was totally in love with Kiev after walking inside beautiful parks :)

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Filippo a., Киев, Украина

t t t t t 7 августа 2013

We had a great time on last sunday with Irina.It was a very very interesting tour around almost all Kiev,during which we discovered new places, learned about several curious facts and got a lot of good energy.Thanks!

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Korsakai, Украина

t t t t t 20 июня 2016