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Леандра С., Flawil, Switzerland

t t t t t 6 января 2013

... you should definitively try it! :D we can only recommand this excursion into the russian cuisine! it was a lovely evening with you two, anastasia and arthur, you are very spontaneous, open minded and welcoming! we enjoyed it a lot to cook, talk, eat and even sing with you! :) we hope we ll see you again sometime, someplace.. !!! till then, we wish you all the best!
Medea and Leandra

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Юлие Я., Москва, Russian Federation

t t t t t 18 июля 2013

We had a such a great time with Anastasia and her husband! They were incredibly welcoming and open and shared with us not only delicious Russian cuisine, but Russian hospitality and a glimpse into what life is like in Russia. We hope to meet you again someday, Anastasia! Thank you for a tasty, wonderful evening!

Пеи Х., Oslo

t t t t t 15 июля 2013

Consider myself very lucky that my first visit to Russia end up in Nastasia's wonderful and heart-warming kitchen. It is one of those great moments when you find yourself having good time with friends you just met in a hostel in a foreign country. Cannot wait to come back and cannot wait and eat for more блины :D

ТаксиЛет, Saint-Petersburg, Россия

t t t t t 18 января 2013

I feel myself really unlucky! I haven't a chance to eat Nastya's pancakes every day. They were incredible and absolutely unforgetable. Still waiting for some extra ones:) Chmok v nos:)

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СЕЦЛЕТ М., Saint-gratien, France

t t t t t 25 августа 2013

I had a very nice evening with Anja and Artur. I learned a lot and not only russian cooking. Anja is really a smily and open hearted person. I recommend +++