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Rita R., Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation

t t t t t 6 августа 2012

Olga is very wonderful Russian teacher! She is very kind and patience and tell me how to pronounce the viberate tone even send me a email to teach me. You know , viberate tone is very hard for Chinese people! Olga try to teach Russian in a real scenarios and help you order something in Russian by yourself in a cafe.

It is a very interesting and useful tour and lesson. It deserve to join~

Thanks! Olga

Rob P., Melbourne, Australia

t t t t t 2 октября 2012


Thank you so much for coaching us beginners in the Cyrillic alphabet and the pronunciation of your beautiful language.It made quite a difference as we negotiated our way around St Petersburg in the following days. You are such a great teacher. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get a bit more from their visit to this historic city

Rob, Kaye, Peter and Ange
Melbourne, Australia

Лоуис Е., Switzerland

t t t t t 27 ноября 2013

Balschoje spassibo for teaching us a little bit Russian)! It was a very nice hour we could spend with you)! We also remember what you teached us (not all, maybe we need some more lessons))))!!! Praschtschjaj! Schteschissliwa! Louis, Udo and Patrick

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t t t t t 21 января 2016

My friend had great experience with the guide! It was lots of fun for and and bright memories from that day!! Thank you!