Conquering the Great Fortress

Автомобильно-пешеходная экскурсия с местным русскоговорящим гидом-водителем в монастыри Ованаванк и Сагмосаванк, а также в древнюю крепость Амберд.
6 hrs
Group size up to 6 persons
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
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English, Русский язык
Children allowed

I offer you a wonderful excursion to the Hovhanavank and Saghmosavank Monasteries and to the ancient great fortress Amberd on a new and comfortable Mercedes-benz car and exclusive services in Armenia.

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One of the famous monasteries of ancient Armenia Hovhanavank is located in the Aragatsotn region. It contained such significant relics as the Shroud, in which the Body of Christ was shrouded, and the Nail that pierced His Hand.

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The architecture of the Saghmosavank Monastery is the same as that of Hovhanavank. Located in the same name village not far from Hovhanavank Monastery. Near the monastery there is an amazing gorge and beautiful nature.

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The Amberd fortress is one of the most famous and majestic fortress of ancient Armenia, which for many centuries served as an outpost in this region. Located half way to the highest mountain Aragats. Near the castle is a small church, and around the massive ridges and fantastic nature.

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Tour program

1.Hovhanavank Monastery
2.Saghmosavank Monastery
3.Ancient Amberd Fortress

Монастыри Ованаванк, Сагмосаванк и крепость Амберд
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- Treats in the car
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- Travel expenses and waiting time

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- Thermos for the coffee & tea
- Apple & Samsung charger
- Headphones
- Aux cable
- Umbrellas
- Blankets & pillows
- Napkins

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- Sightseeing Tickets
- Meal

Activity schedule

Daily at 10:00

What places will you see

1.Hovhanavank Monastery
2.Saghmosavank Monastery
3.Ancient Amberd Fortress

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Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
No prepayment is required, pay directly to guide
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