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Walking through the state objects of Yerevan

June, 23 at 13:00
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6 hours
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June, 23 at 13:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
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Amazing Armenia Travel offers an exciting thematic tour of the Presidential Residence and Parliament,Blue Mosque,Opera and the Republic Square in comfortable VIP class cars and exclusive services in Armenia.

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The Opera building was built in 1933 by the legendary architector A.Tamanyan. Located on Tumanyan street. Around the Opera there are the famous Freedom Square with children's entertainment, a lot of beautiful cafes, a charming swan lake that turns into a skating rink in winter, and a large underground parking.

2 point
Republic Square was built in 1950 (most of the buildings). It consists of five buildings: the Government House, the Museum of History and the Art Gallery, the Marriott Hotel, the Main Post Office and the former MFA building. Near the square is the famous market "Vernissage", and at night amazing singing fountains are starting to work.

3 point
The Blue Mosque is the only one in Yerevan and is located on Mashtots street. Built in 1766 by the region khan and restored in 1996-1999, with full funding from the Government of Iran.

4 point
The majestic parliament building is located on Baghramian street. Built in the 50s by the famous architector Makaryan. It has a large park for walking. Like the Presidential Residence Park, it is open to all after the Velvet Revolution from May 2018.

5 point
The residence of the President was built in 1950 by Mark Grigoryan. During Soviet times, it served as the building of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR. It is located on Bagramyan street and is open to all after the Velvet Revolution.

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Guide service
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Treats in the car
One segway
Free WiFi

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Daily at 14:00

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1.Opera Theatre
2.Republic Square
3.Blue Mosque
5.Reidence of the President

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English, Russian
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6 hours
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June, 23 at 13:00
Отмена бесплатно за 72 часа
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