Pedestrian sightseeing tour of Volgograd

Clock 2 hours
Private пешеходная
  • E-ticket
  • English / Русский язык
  • Guide service
  • Гарантия места
  • Можно оплатить банковской картой на сайте или на месте организатору

During this pedestrian sightseeing tour we will vist most important places of city centre.

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About the tour on

During this pedestrian sightseeing tour we will visit the most important places of city centre. Such as Fallen Fighters square, Mira street, Central station Volgograd 1, Lenins avenue, Valley of Heroes, Volga Embankement and Panorama museum. Dont worry, all of them just 1-2 km from the starting point.



Regular ticket
Offer for 1 person 2000 ₽ per person
Offer for 2 persons 1250 ₽ per person
Offer for group of 3-15 persons 1000 ₽ per person

What is included in activity

Guide service

What is not included

Transfers, tickets and guides in the museums

What places will you see

You will see Fallen fighters square where in the basement of the Central department store building field marshal Paulus was captured. Then we will travel to Central station square to see this example of the soviet monumental classicism. On the square we will see the famous fountain Barmaley which you could see in the Enemy at gates. Then on the way to Ruined mill and Pavlov's house we will see Volgograd Planetarium. With a short travel through the Central embankment we will reach the St John church and then finish again on the Fallen fighters square.

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 15 hours in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed

English, Russian

Directions to meet your guide

Fallen fighters square in front of eternal fire

How long your tour will be

2 hours

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