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I urge anyone with an interest in Russian literature to go on this fascinating and informative tour. How much do you know about the extraordinary lyrical poet Anna Akhmatova? However much or however little, Daniel will have so much to show you and share with you. Akhmatova became famous before the Revolution, enthralling audiences in the Rambling Dog cafe with her grand, melancholic delivery, which you can hear at
Silenced for many years by the Soviet regime, unable even to write down her poems, she founds friends ready to memorize them for future generations to love and admire. Many hundreds of beautiful lines were retained in this way, and only written down in the late 50's. Daniel knows all the important places associated with her life and work - the Rambling Dog, the bookshop on Nevsky Prospect, her museum in the house on the Fontanka - and has stories ready to tell about all of them. He may even, with a little prompting, recite from memory some of her most famous poem, Requiem, as he did to my amazement and delight as we were walking down Liteiny Prospect! From there we went onto the bank of the Neva, and looked across at Kresty prison on the opposite bank. Why were we there? Take the tour and find out. Believe me, if you love Russian literature you won't be disappointed.

over 4 years ago