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St Petersburg is a fantastic city - full of history, politics...and great tour guides! Vladimir was a wonderful guide, showing us the highlights of Soviet architecture. Both his Metro Palaces and Futuristic Buildings tours were fascinating - way beyond the banal information offered by bog-standard guidebooks. He was engaging, well-prepared and passionate about his subject. Thanks for making sure we'll never forget our trip to St Petersburg!

almost 2 years ago

St Petersburg is already an incredible city, but it was made even better by Arsene's tours. Red Bermuda Triangle tour is truly unique - great for history buffs, architecture lovers and especially tourists keen to snap some memorable and unusual photos, to wow family and friends back home! Arsene also took us on an excursion to the Street Art Museum. This is a must-see for any tourist looking to see the modern side of St Petersburg, especially when accompanied by Arsene who is both passionate and knowledgeable about the artwork. St Petersburg wouldn't have been the same without these tours! Thanks again!

about 2 years ago