The hot heart of Siberia

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Приглашаем принять участие в экскурсионном туре, где вы испытаете на себе чудеса животворящей республики Бурятия. Нашу республику недаром называют северной Лхасой, маленьким Тибетом и все больше верится, что великое учение Дзогчен, согласно предсказаниям придет сюда, к нам на север и получит свой самый яркий расцвет.
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The hot heart of Siberia: an ethnographic expedition from Buryatia to Olkhon through the winter ice of Lake Baikal.

We invite you to take part in an excursion tour where you will experience the wonders of the life-giving republic of Buryatia. It is not for nothing that our republic is called northern Lhasa, little Tibet, and it is more and more believed that the great teaching of Dzogchen, according to the predictions, will come here, to our north and will receive its brightest prosperity.


Day 1 February 12: Arrival in sunny Buryatia

Meeting at the airport and arrival in sunny Buryatia.

1. Accommodation at the hotel. Rest after the flight.

2. Sightseeing tour of the city (the largest head in the world, a wooden block and much more).

Excursion for an additional fee to choose from:

Option 1

Spiritual Mecca of Siberia - Ivolginsky Datsan

Visiting a cult place: Genghis Khan's Headquarters, Mount Bik and other shamanic mountains and stories.

An excursion to the main Buddhist monastery with a professional Buddhist, historian by education and a practitioner who lived in the Himalayan mountains, who visited all Buddhist cities in India will be special for you.

Ivolginsky Datsan is a monastic complex of eight buildings, including temples, a library, and the only Buddhist university in Russia where philosophy and traditional Tibetan medicine are studied. His fame spread far beyond the borders of Russia. And this is connected not only with modern spiritual education, but also with the name of Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov, the leader of the Buddhists of Russia at the beginning of the 20th century, whose incorruptible body is located in the Ivolginsky datsan and who can be worshiped in the days of the great khurals.

Ivolginsky Datsan is the center of Russian Buddhism. It is protected by the state as a monument of religious architecture.

Price - 1600 rubles per person

Option 2

Tarbagatai is a cheerful land.

Visit to the iconic place of the mountain lion.

Tarbagatai is an Old Believer village in which the Old Believers or "Semeiskie", exiled by Queen Catherine II in the second half of the 18th century to Siberia, have lived for 250 years. Tarbagatai is one of the main centers of Old Believer culture in both Siberia and Russia as a whole. Picturesque villages of Old Believers have a special appearance, always festive, expressed in brightness and riot of colors. The houses are decorated with carved platbands, the house itself and the gates are decorated with decorative elements.

In Tarbagatai there is a unique museum created by Father Sergius. The museum's collections include items of rural life of the 18th-20th centuries, old peasant utensils, icons, books of the 16th-19th centuries, brought by the Old Believers with them from Poland. You will learn the amazing way of life, the history of the Semeiski family, starting with the Archpriest Avakuum, who passed through these lands, and you will be amazed by the originality of the Semeiski culture today.

The program of visiting the Old Believer village includes a visit to a church, a museum, a lunch with dishes of the Old Believer cuisine (cabbage soup, stewed porridge, pies with cabbage, fish, smoked, salted lard, pies with bird cherry, brushwood, tincture on pine nuts, etc.) and a folklore program : unique polyphony of ancient chant, participation of guests in games and comic rituals.

The duration of the excursion is 8 hours.

Price - 3 600 rubles per person

Option 3

Ethnographic excursion to the ethno-complex "Steppe Nomad".

The excursion program includes a visit to the datsan, acquaintance with Buddhist traditions, and a conversation with a lama. After a tour of the datsan, we will visit the house-museum of Aghvan Dorzhiev, where the only wax figures of Buddhist hierarchs in Eastern Siberia and a copy of the Atlas of Tibetan Medicine are kept. Then we move to the tourist complex "Steppe nomad", where guests are greeted with the traditional ritual with khadaks - a symbol of hospitality of the Buryat people and white food - a symbol of prosperity and pure thoughts. A tour of the tourist complex includes acquaintance with the traditions and life of the Buryats in a felt yurt and a traditional house, as well as lunch / dinner from traditional Buryat cuisine, archery, horseback riding.

The duration of the excursion is 5 hours.

Price - 3 300 rubles per person

Day 2 February 13: We go to Baikal. Stone-Turtle and Baikal Zen.

Arrival to Lake Baikal in Goryachinsk.

1. Breakfast at the hotel.

2. Dog sledding with Siberian Husks. The program includes free hot mulled wine and tea to warm the body and soul. Skiing is carried out in the suburbs of Ulan-Ude. During skiing, you can take pictures with friendly Huskies, who gladly make contact with guests and work with great joy.

Tour duration: 1 circle - 10 minutes

Price - 1000 rubles per person

Sightseeing tour to the datsan on Verkhnyaya Berezovka

Visit to the Sretensky Convent in the village of Baturino.

Visit to the lighthouse in Turk. Walk along Lake Baikal.

Visit to a natural monument - "turtle stone". Walk along Lake Baikal.

Driving on a hivus or airboat.

Master class on cooking buuz. You will learn about the national cuisine and yourself will learn how to sculpt buuza, a favorite national dish in Buryatia.

A visit to a hot and cold spring, taking a warm bath

Accommodation at a hotel in the village of Goryachinsk.

Bathhouse (optional and at your own expense, advance booking).

Day 3 February 14: Valentine's Day at Lake Baikal

Breakfast at the hotel.

A hot heart on the ice of Lake Baikal. PHOTOSESSION. Skating.

A visit to a hot and cold spring, taking a warm bath.

Bathhouse (optional and at your own expense, advance booking).

Guided tour for a fee

Travel along the Chivyrkuisky Bay and the national park with a visit to the islands with ice grottoes and thermal springs in the Zmeevaya Bay and lunch in a yurt. Bathing in a hot mineral spring. This is an unforgettable journey where you will feel all the beauty and power of winter Baikal from the side of Buryatia. Snowmobiling Buran to the unique caves caves grotto

Cost - 8 900 rubles per person

Day 4 February 15: The mystical island of Olkhon.

Breakfast at the hotel

Travel on Baikal ice on about. Olkhon with a visit to the place of power at Cape Khoboy, its extreme point. The program features a special feature: Baikal traffic light, lunch (omul fish soup), ice skating.

A visit to a hot and cold spring, taking a warm bath

Day 5 February 16: Departure to Ulan-Ude.

Breakfast at the hotel.

A visit to a hot and cold spring, taking a warm bath.

Stop at the Baragkhan spring, worship a stupa.

Stop at the sacred river Khaim. The Khaim River in Buryatia is like a movie star, filmed in many films, because even in dry years it is full in the banks and dark from the depths. And very cold.

Hotel accommodation.

Shopping at will. Gift shop, central market.

Excursion for a fee of your choice

Visit to Tengeri shamanic society. Conducting the ritual "Zula Takhil"

The ritual program includes: a sightseeing tour of the shamanic center, a rite calling for good luck, well-being, health, material prosperity).

Those interested can get a personal consultation from a shaman.

(The cost of offering to the shaman for a personal reception is paid additionally).

Tour duration: 2 hours

Price - 3300 rubles per person

Buddhist legends in the datsan "Rinpoche Bagsha".

The excursion program will be structured in such a way that not only you, but also your child has an interesting and interactive time. The story will easily and engagingly make your children understand not a simple Buddhist philosophy; in a playful way, children will learn about the practices and perhaps even realize the essence of meditation and tranquility.

The excursion will also be about the national culture of the Buryats.

You will see a monument to the biggest buuza in Buryatia.

Here everyone can admire the magnificent landscapes of the Buryat nature and enjoy the stunning panorama that covers the entire city at a glance and the magnificent flood of the river. Selenga.

Bald Mountain is one of the best places where you can see all the beauty and power of the Selenga valley and the city. Here you can go through the bark and free yourself from filth in order to open the way for the better.

It includes a tour of a Buddhist temple on Bald Mountain with an authentic guide who grew up in Buddhist culture, as well as participation in the Khural - Buddhist worship, depending on your desire. During the excursion you will learn about the peculiarities of modern cultures professing Buddhism and the ritual features of visiting the temple. If you wish, you can taste the national Buryat cuisine in the restaurant at the temple. In the datsan there is an opportunity to make an appointment with a Tibetan doctor and chiropractor.

The Buddha's teachings are, first of all, the teachings about the cosmos, man, about love and compassion for others. He always attracted with his serenity, tolerance, depth and freedom of thought. Finding out about this is not only interesting, but also useful!

Perhaps your children will be imbued with and receive exactly the knowledge that will make them more conscious, kind and light.

The excursion for you will be led by me - Marianna Lyubimova, a psychologist-educator, a historian by education and a traveler.

The cost of the excursion is 900 rubles per person!
day 18 February:

Breakfast at the hotel.


Baikal ice
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Every Saturday 10.00

What places will you see

the largest head in the world of the leader of the revolution Lenin, the Ivolginsky datsan, the ice of Lake Baikal, the springs of the Barguzin valley of the Barguzin, the Yangazhinsky datsan, the village of Old Believer culture, the headquarters of Genghis Khan, the tapkhar plateau, the singing arrow hill

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Baikal International Airport

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