Pilgrimage tour " 3 jewels of Buddhism in Buryatia

120 h.
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Приглашаем принять участие в экскурсионном туре, где вы испытаете на себе чудеса животворящей республики Бурятия. Нашу республику недаром называют северной Лхасой, маленьким Тибетом и всё больше верится, что великое учение Дзогчен, согласно предсказаниям придёт сюда, к нам на север и получит свой самый яркий расцвет. А для того чтобы произошёл поворот колесницы необходимо чтобы мы совершали праведный путь, вращая нашу Землю в нужном направлении. В сторону любви и света, через мантры, посвящения и добрые дела.
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We invite you to take part in an excursion tour where you will experience the wonders of the life-giving Republic of Buryatia. It is not for nothing that our Republic is called Northern Lhasa, little Tibet, and it is increasingly believed that the great Dzogchen teaching, according to predictions, will come here to us in the North and get its brightest bloom. And in order for the chariot to turn, it is necessary that we make a righteous path, turning our Earth in the right direction. In the direction of love and light, through mantras, initiations, and good deeds.
Day One, day Two, day Three: Barguzin valley, healing body and soul.
We will go to an incredible and rich in miracles place: the Barguzin valley. Sung in verse and prose, the Barguzin river is incredible in its beauty, and it itself as a jewel delights the eyes of its pilgrims.
Goal: finding inner harmony, health, fulfillment of desires related to conception and marriage.
Here you will feel the force self-manifest goddess Tara on the stone that the people we have revered as Yanzhima. One of the incarnations of the goddess Saroswati, the face of the goddess is manifested and grants children, inspiration and family well-being.
The tour of Bargudzhin Tokum, so call our valley leaves no one indifferent. In one place, in one day, you can plunge into the springs, get the blessing of lake Baikal and visit the Barguzinsky datsan, where thousands of pilgrims come to pray for a child, husband or inspiration.
Of course, it is worth spending at least 3 days here, even because the healing springs bring the effect at least if you have been to them three times. A one-time visit is shown per day.
Approximate program.
1 day:
Check out at 8.00 am
1. Stop at lake Baikal (swimming optional)
2. Accommodation in a hotel (Goryachinsk district, Maksimikha to choose from).
Visiting the source. Taking hot baths.
Excursion To the ecological and ethnographic Park-Museum "Svitaya Polyana"
Day 2 Excursion to Barguzinsky datsan, where you will pray at the self-manifested face of the Goddess Tara, Buryat village and a trip to Kurumkan district.
Check out at 8.00 am
1. Excursion to Barguzinsky datsan, where you will pray at the self-manifested face of the Goddess Tara.
2. lunch In the Buryat village of Khilgan in the national style with the most delicious buuz (poses), sour cream, Salamat, tarasun and other dishes of Buryat cuisine.
You will see the life structure of the Buryats, the peculiarities of their life, traditions, and rituals. You will be able to see the Yurt firsthand and learn about shamanism as it is practiced here. We " pop " and " pop " to consolidate the effect of the path we have traveled.
3. Arrival at the Umkhey/Alla spring to choose from.
Accommodation in a hotel, visiting a hot and cold spring, taking a warm bath in a natural warm lake or bath.
Resort Alla.
The name is derived from the Evenk word "ollo" — fish. In the valley of the Alla river, the right tributary of the Barguzin, there are more than 50 outlets of hot springs with temperatures from 50 to 77 degrees, breaking through the thickness of gravel, pebbles and sand. The springs are located in a picturesque mountain gorge, not far from ulus Alla. They are known since the middle of the XIX century. The resort is surrounded by pristine pine forests. The gorge is crowned by bizarre rocks and snow-white peaks of the Barguzin range. Allinsky thermal springs are indicated for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, gastritis. There are houses for vacationers on the spring. This place is sacred. It is here, away from the world and the hustle and bustle of people, that shamans conduct their religious rites. And it is here that childless couples come from all over Buryatia to ask the spirits to help them fulfill their desire for procreation. Almost every tree here has become a haven for mythical babies, sleeping comfortably in their cradles. They are symbols of life, symbols of hope for the birth of long-awaited children, as well as a reminder that not everything in the world happens as we wish. Procreation and the birth of a new life is the conduct of God.
At camp
The beautiful pine forest surrounding the resort is pleasantly combined with the purity of the clear mountain air and the freshness of the Barguzin river. On-site Umka in the thermal water comes with 146 sources. Water — sulphate, bicarbonate, sodium with a high content of fluorine, silicic acid and hydrogen sulfide. Water temperature + 50 C. It is especially pleasant to sit here in a hot natural bath. So it was realized by nature: large, with clear water, hot and healing.
Umheya water treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, skin diseases, diseases and the consequences of injuries to the peripheral nervous system.
For the convenience of vacationers, small cozy houses have been built on the island, there are small cottages, a dining room is located in a wooden Yurt,and there are bathrooms.
3 day Stay at camp at the source/Alla
Breakfast at hotel.
1. Visit a hot and cold spring, take a warm bath in a natural warm lake.
2. Stop at the baraghan spring, worship the stupa.
According to Buryat mythology, Barkhan-Uula mountain is the seat of Barkhan baabai and Khazhar Sagan-Noyon, the owners of the Barguzin valley, the heavenly lords who descended to earth.
The name of the Barkhan mountains, the same mentioned as in the ancient Buryat myths and Tibetan texts. According to legend, the camp of one of Genghis Khan's ancestors was located at the foot of the Barkhan mountain. In the autumn of 2009, Barkhan-Uula mountain was recognized as one of the natural wonders of Buryatia: she took 1st place in the Republican contest "7 natural wonders of Buryatia".
The baraghan stupa was built next to The baraghan spring at the Barkhan-Uula mountain. They build these places of worship to accumulate beneficial energy to protect living beings.
The stupa symbolizes good luck. It is a symbol of the path to enlightenment, the center of accumulation of powerful positive energy.
3. Stop at the sacred river Haim. The Haim river in Buryatia is a movie star and has been featured in many films, because even in dry years it is full in the banks and dark from the depth. And very cold.
Departure to Ulan-Ude
Accommodation in hotel.
Day 4 Valley of the river Marachi and its values: Sandan of IUU and Sagan the Ubgen
Breakfast at hotel.
Departure at 8.00 am to Eravna
Tour of eravninskiy district, in the valley of the river Marachi. This is the valley of freedom and ancient civilizations, imprinted on it petroglyphs.
1. Lifetime statue of Shakyamuni Buddha-Zandan Zhu
Among all Buddhist shrines in Russia, the Sandalwood Buddha is recognized. This is the only lifetime statue of Shakyamuni Buddha sculpture. It is not yet a well-known landmark, although the antiquity of this creation is not in any doubt.
It is located in the egituisky datsan in the Eravninsky district, which is famous for its special picturesqueness.
2. Visit To Sagan The Ubgen
In the valley of the Marakta river, the only prayer service in the Republic "Oboo tahilgaan" is held, dedicated to the White Elder. In 2019 at the prayer service, took place the ceremony of remni (sanctification) rock statues Sagan the Ubgen. We will bow to the guardian of the area, the patron of family well-being, which gives wealth and longevity, the patron of animals and plants.
5 day Spiritual Mecca of Siberia ivilginski temple+againsee sources
Breakfast at hotel.
1. Visiting a place of worship: Genghis Khan's Bet.
2. Excursion to the main Buddhist monastery with a professional Buddhist, a historian and practitioner, lived in the mountains of the Himalayas, visit the Buddhist cities in India will be special for you.
I, as an experienced guide will show you and tell you about the mysteries of Buddhist philosophy and practices.
The imperishable body of Hambo Lama Itygelov in Ivolginsky datsan attracts pilgrims from all over the world. This phenomenon causes not just idle interest of onlookers, but also raises many questions for modern scientists.
The traditions of Tibetan Buddhism in Ulan-Ude are stronger than anywhere else.
The excursion program is aimed at introducing the city's guests to the rich cultural and historical heritage of Tibetan Buddhism and current Buddhist philosophy in modern life, showing the historical roots of Buddhism in the Russian territories of its traditional distribution, as well as telling about the timeless human values and ideals that Buddhism gives to modern society.
3. Againsee sources. Taking baths.
Yangazhinsky arshany " Uta-Bulag "is a whole complex of mineral springs, which is located in the Ivolginsky district, 40 km from Ulan-Ude on the Kyakhtinsky tract, stop"Arshan". The name of the spring "Uta-Bulag" in Buryat means Uta — "long", and Bulag — "key", "spring". From this place there are 16 keys, each of which helps with certain diseases.
In the 1910-1930 years the water from these springs was on the track until Argazinskoe datsan. Before perestroika there was the rest of the farm "Urengoisky". Knowledgeable people come here from everywhere every summer.
In 1962-1963, the water was analyzed and its composition was revealed: calcium-magnesium bicarbonate water. Mineralization of 0.37 g / L. Temperature of 8.2 C. Radon 56-73 e, the total debits 1.3 l / sec.



• Выезд в 08:00 утра
• Остановка на Байкале (купание по желанию)
• Обед
• Размещение в гостинице (район Горячинск, Максимиха на выбор)
• Посещение источника. Принятие горячих ванн
• Экскурсия в Эколого-этнографический парк-музей «Светлая Поляна»


• Выезд в 08:00 утра
• Экскурсия в Баргузинском дацане, где вы помолитесь у самопроявленного лика Богини Тары
• Обед в бурятском селе Хилгана в национальном стиле с самыми вкусными буузами (позами), сметаной, саламатом, тарасуном и другими блюдами бурятской кухни
• Приезд на источник Умхей/Алла на выбор
• Размещение в гостинице, посещение горячего и холодного источника, принятие тёплой ванны в естественном теплом озере или ванне


• Завтрак в гостинице
• Посещение горячего и холодного источника, принятие тёплой ванны в естественном тёплом озере.
• Остановка на Барагханском источнике, поклонение ступе
• Остановка на священной реке Хаим. Река Хаим в Бурятии как кинозвезда, снята во многих фильмах, потому что даже в засушливые годы она полная в берегах и тёмная от глубины. И очень холодная
• Выезд в Улан-Удэ
• Размещение в гостинице


• Завтрак в гостинице
• Выезд в 08:00 утра в Еравну
• Прижизненная статуя Будды Шакьямуни — Зандан Жуу
• Посещение Саган Убгэн


• Посещение культового места: Ставка Чингисхана
• Экскурсия в главный буддийский монастырь с профессиональным буддологом
• Янгажинские источники. Принятие ванн

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• экскурсия в Иволгинский дацан

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• питание
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Ivolginsky datsan, the Face of Yanzhima, Sandan of Zhuu

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Sovetov square

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