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Auto - walking tour in OLD TBILISI

  • E-ticket
  • English / Русский язык
  • Transport (jeep, minivan, minibus), guide services, water for each member of the group
  • Гарантия места
  • Можно оплатить банковской картой на сайте или на месте организатору

The excursion program includes the Old Town - we learn about the basis and significance of it in antiquity, historical moments, conquests, the arrival of a new culture in this territory and much more. Also modern political - the cultural life of our time.

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About the tour on

Tbilisi is a city of hospitality, smiles, history, a mixture of cultures. In the car — walking excursion we will see not only the Old Town, but also the modern part of the city. Modern buildings have become a symbol of the city, which transformed the city and made it a modern metropolis. Also old streets that have already been restored and not only.

Welcome to the Ancient City, where the sun merges with the vine, spoken in all the languages of the world and the energy pours down on you. You will plunge into the era of kings, conquest wars, songs, dances, you will join the dance of different nationalities and religions in the city. In a word, you will feel yourself a real Tbilisi and realize all the worldview of the inhabitants of our city and country. From the 1st c. ne to this day, the architectural monuments under construction create that unusual color of the city, which is famous throughout the world.
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Auto - walking tour in Tbilisi
Offer for group of 1-3 persons $120 per group
Offer for group of 4-6 persons $150 per group

What is included in activity

Transport (jeep, minivan, minibus), guide services, water for each member of the group

What is not included

Personal expenses, food

Activity schedule

Every day from 10:00 am

What places will you see

Old Town,
The area of sulfur baths, the leghvtakhevi gorge, the Narikala fortress, the temple of Our Lady Metekhi, the church of St. George Sioni - where the cross of St. Nino ( 4th century)
Anchiskhati Temple
The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
Rustaveli Avenue with all its sights
Agmashenebeli avenue (David the Builder)
The area of tetra Rezo Gabriadze (puppet theater)
Old streets and architecture of Georgia
Caravan Hotel and much more
On request: Pantheon of outstanding figures, Turtle Lake, Ethnographic Museum

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 18 hours in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed

English, Russian

Directions to meet your guide

We'll pick you up at your appointed place

How long your tour will be

3 hours

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