Group excursion to Kakheti!

Group excursion to Kakheti!

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10 hours

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Kakheti is the land where wine is born. The first stop in Tsinandali is the estate of the princes Chavchavadze and the first Georgian cellar, where European wine was poured.
— The next city is the Gremi Fortress, founded in the 15th century and destroyed by the Persians in the 18th century.
— Nekresi — a monastic complex from the 4th century of the Christian period and the pre-Christian architectural structure.
— Graneli winery and the Hareba wine tunnel in the town of Kvareli are a tour of the winery and cellar where you can taste real Georgian wine up to 10 varieties and many of them are the rarest that are not exported from the country and learn how different Our wine business is traditionally European. At the plant, you can purchase the highest quality wine of different varieties at the lowest price in Georgia.
— The city of Signaghi and the monastery of Bodbe, where the relics of St. Nino and the city founded inside the protective wall in the 17th century. A view of the unforgettable Alazani valley and a museum with the Pirosmani exhibition.

• In Kakheti there are a lot of places besides: Alaverdi (monastery of the 6th century), Ikalto (monastery and academy of sciences founded by David the Builder), David — Gareja — a monastic complex consisting of 12 monasteries in the desert, mud volcanoes of Takhte Tefa. — Volcanic formations on the border with Azerbaijan. (This tour is not included in the price.) A separate cost estimate is required.)

Common $170 per group
Group $50 per group
What is included in activity:

Taisting on the factory of wine

What is not included:


Activity schedule:

Every day from 9:30am

What places will you see:

Gombori pass - beautiful panoramas
The city of Telavi - remember the film "Mimino"
The Chavchavadze family farm - Tsinandali (Nino Chavchavadze's house)
Fortress Gremi - the former capital of Kakheti
Winery and cellars in Kvareli
city of love - Signagi
Bodbe Convent

Activity book period:
You can book tour up to 48 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed:
English, Russian
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How long your tour will be:
10 hours
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