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Walking along the streets of old Tbilisi

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Do you like walking? Play tales, listen legends to clarify the facts? Then "Tbilisi samshvenisia" will please you.

So, the first fact: the word "samshvenisi" means "three times beautiful". Nowadays it is rarely used in the daily conversational speech of Georgians, although, before, it was inalienable in describing enthusiastic emotions.

A few years ago, one of the leading Georgian wine producers made that word "trendy" again, by calling their fine wine with it, which included three sorts of grapes — Kakheti: Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli, and Kartli: Chineese. The wine really became successful and sold.

My goal is to accompany you in a walking tour of old Tbilisi while telling about its corners and sights so many nice legends and facts to make Tbilisi "thrice beautiful" for you too.

Our route starts from the main square of the city. Your ears will be pleased with the legend of unrequited love for the Margarita De Sèvres chansonnier and the facts about the exploits of the only full-fledged cavalier of the two highest orders of Russia, St. George and St. Vladimir.
Further avenue of "Contrasts" or Baratashvili avenue with stories about Georgians and their adorable balconies. Plus the facts about the restoration of the city wall.
Next Drunken Tower Gabriadze — screenwriter, playwright, artist, sculptor — why he was allowed to go abroad in Soviet Union, when the "others" could not think about it?
Anchiskhati is a spiritual heritage and legend of a miraculous icon that came here from Syria.
Cellar of the 17th century and wine tasting, well, it's only at your desire and interest to this live drink, which the Georgians drank in the 7th century BC, and this is a fact.
We will kneel at the shrine — the Cross of St. Nino.
You will hear how Tbilisi has been for thousands of years a treacherous custodian of various faiths — Orthodox, Gregorians, Muslims, Jews and Catholics have lived here since ancient times on a small heel, which even today Tbilisi call "Maydan" — the square.

Our walk will not ignore the Fig Canyon.
Swaying past the Italian courtyards, where 5-10 families are still living together drinking coffee, arguing for neither the clothes hanging in the yard and, of course, where there is a sound of bones and cries of "Vai me !!!" playing men's backgammon, we Rise to the fortress Narikala, to see the life of the city from a height.

Then we'll go down the cable car to a cozy and modern park, and you want to know what was on this place before? Why and 25 years ago, when this place was not so ennobled, the Tbilisiians spoke of him with great love ...

Well, by the end of our tour, hitting the Bridge of Peace, I want to share with you the fact that it preceded its construction and why it's unhealthy to hear when some unkind comparisons and nicknames are given to him ...

I hope this sketch of walking is interesting to you .... then ... I ready to join you ...



Ticket $60 per group

What is included in activity

guide service

What is not included

Cableway service (up / down), 2 GEL per person

Activity schedule


What places will you see

Liberty Square, Baratashvili Ave., Gabriadze Theater, Anchiskhati, Sioni Cathedral, Fig Canyon, Narikala Fortress, Rikey Park, Bridge of Peace

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 48 hours in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed

English, Russian

Directions to meet your guide

Pushkin monument on Liberty Square, Tbilisi

How long your tour will be

3 hours

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