Saint Petersburg

Warm welcome: Cold season in Saint Petersburg

First time in Saint Petersburg? If it's fall or winter when getting around and not freezing/getting wet seem rather incompatible, then don’t worry - warm company and hot tea always help! Our guides are well prepared for the famous Russian winter and a little less famous Russian fall and know many ways to explore the city without spending much time in puddles or turning into an icicle.

1. Warm and classy

Discover the downtown with Daniel. Your route will include major city must-see locales, brief foot-warming sojourns, informal hidden yards, city legends, a romantic roof and a thermos with a hot drink. This is one of the best options to have fun, learn about Saint Petersburg and feel the true winter city spirit!


2. Warm and underground

Don’t feel like walking outside but still looking for a unique experience? Then stay inside! The subway, that is. SPb has one of the most beautiful and opulent metro systems in the world. Honestly, some stations look better than certain (not to be named) European palaces. Our guide Vladimir will take you to eight of them and tell you about the life and values of the society that created it. You’ll get to know Russian culture through an extraordinary dimension of the hidden metro palaces.  

Book Vladimir's Metro Palaces tour

3. Just hot

The best and most traditional way to warm up in the cold Russian weather is to have a drink. And if particularly cold out, several. The best way to accomplish this is to go on a pub crawl.

Experience SPb bars, music, and create your own personalized SPb impressions! Depending on your tastes and preferences, our night life specialist Violetta will take you to the best New Year parties!

Don’t miss out!

4. Warm and scrumptious

One of the best ways to explore the country is to get to know its cusine. Russia is a multicultural place, and its culinary traditions are as diverse its nationalities. Fortunately for foodies there is huge Uzbek community in St. Petersburg, and their food is just amazing.  

Our guide Alexandr will show you around traditional sites (like market with an authentic bread oven) and take you to a classic eatery.   

Not to be missed by true collectors of the tastes!

Book Uzbek food tour with Alexandr

5. Warm and Cozy

Local souvenirs are an important part of the trip for any traveler!

In wintertime enchanting fairs and markets spring up all around Saint Petersburg; and a lot of lovely little shops have deals and discounts. Discover authentic SPb design stores and find the most unusual gifts and souvenirs with the help of our creative shopping master Rimma!  

Book Rimma's Creative Shopping tour

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