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Saint Petersburg

Visa-free travel to St Petersburg by ferry or cruise

Do visa regulations hold you back from visiting Russia? 

There is an official way around it! From 2009 onwards travellers who arrive to Russia via its water gates are allowed to stay without visa for 72 hours giving that they sleep on board.

In this case passenger’s ticket stands for an entry visa and serves as one of his main documents. It makes cruises from neighboring Baltic countries one of the least painful and most efficient ways to explore Saint Petersburg and other accessible by water Russian cities.

However, having only 3 days on the shore might be tough if you want to see a lot. Just getting around and figuring out how public transport work might take up quite some time, not to mention wonderful and enchanting puzzles of cyrillic names. That’s why it’s important to organize your time properly, or rather, have somebody to organize it for you.

Our partners MaxiBaltTours will be happy to help you out to get off the ship with blanket visa that could be easily issued for any traveler who needs visa to cross Russian border. They are specialised in cruise travellers, so you don’t have to worry about your entrance.

You can customize your day and pick one of sputnik day tours  and even accompany it with others according to your taste, interest, curiosity and walking abilities. Stay on the relaxed schedule if you want to take it easy, pick to moderate pace if you feel like seeing a little more, or get the strenuous itinerary if you’re a real explorer.

Популярные экскурсии и билеты в Санкт-Петербурге
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