Saint Petersburg

Top Soviet activities in St. Petersburg nowadays

70 years of Soviet history brought so many changes to the image of the city, the way of life and manners of thoughts of its people.The greatest experiment in the world history -  the rising of the USSR - that is what totally changed the face of our city. And it is very interesting to see how it was built and to compare two cities St.Petersburg and Leningrad.We made a list of carefully selected tours with a soviet theme. Our guides will help you to discover more than lies on the surface of the city, to understand its history and the essence of things.

1. Viva la revolución!

Let’s find out what it all started from with a guide Vladimir,  who is keen on Soviet History. The Russian Revolution changed the world forever.  Almost overnight an entire society was destroyed. And replaces with one of the most radical experiments ever seen. During this tour you will learn how, between February and October 1917, the revolution was prepared by Lenin’s party, intention making one clear: the masses are capable of making history. 

2. Daily life in Leningrad of 80's

To understand that new country, that time and the thoughts of people you need to feel yourself in this time. Some activities that were common just 30 or 40 years ago, nowadays are exotic ones. During this tour you will experience, touch and even try them. You will travel by retrobus, old russian minibus. That makes atmosphere of travelling even more soviet.

3. Futuristic Buildings

The New way of thinking, the new ideology led to completely different way of seeing city, spaces and people in these spaces.Soviet architectors dreamed to build a city of the socialist dream. What is the architecture of the avant-garde? How is it reflected in the epoch, ideologн and politics of those years? What unites Constructivism and the revolution? During this tour you will travel through Vasilievsky Island and listen to the story of the rise and fall of the most creative artistic style of the 20th century.

4. Antique & flea markets

So where can you get things that will remind you of soviet times? It is a flea market! This living museum is situated on the outskirts of the town. But it is really worth visiting. A mixture of times. Our guide will tell you stories of this unusual place, help you with choosing and buying  things there.

5. Metro Palaces

You will travel by metro everyday and you will see that Russian Metro is really something extraordinary. You can’t find anything like it in other countries. In soviet Russia metro was built like palaces for people.The excursion goes through the stations built across the first line from Avtovo to Ploshad Vosstaniya. 

6. Petersburg's Rumochnaya . Taste of Russian vodka.

What did people drink? Where did they meet each other? What  did they talk about? Rumochnaya - is a term that appeared in the Soviet times. It is something like a bar but different. To understand it you need to experience it!

7. Tour to an old Russian Cinema

"Soviet cinema" is a special big and interesting theme.  It was a new view on the cinema - social realism - different from the one before or after the existence of the Soviet Union.

the Soviet Central Government primarily viewed film as a way to control the masses, but, many directors risked severe punishment in order to produce films that might not fit with official party lines, but were important nevertheless.During this tour you will see the backstages of an old movie theater. And if you wish any old russian movie with subtitles can be shown.

Популярные экскурсии и билеты в Санкт-Петербурге
Group автобусно-пешеходная
3 hours
Обзорная автобусная экскурсия с посещением Петропавловской крепости
1558 ₽
per person
229 reviews

Автобусная экскурсия по архитектурным символам Петербурга. Посещение Петропавловской крепости, откуда началась история города.

2 hours 45 minutes
Ночной круиз «Весь Петербург» (каналы и развод мостов)
1500 ₽
per person
276 reviews

На экскурсии вы почувствуете волшебство петербургской ночи и увидите культовые достопримечательности города.

5 hours
Царское село с посещением Екатерининского дворца и Янтарной комнаты
1846 ₽
per person
776 reviews

Путешествие в Царское Село, величественный императорский уголок под Петербургом. Парки, дворцы, увлекательные истории и уникальная Янтарная комната.

1 hour 30 minutes
Прогулка на теплоходе «Северная Венеция»: 5 рек и каналов, 30 мостов
850 ₽
per person
201 reviews

Взглянуть на Петербург через призму стихии.

Group автобусно-пешеходная
3 hours
Обзорная автобусная экскурсия + Эрмитаж
1731 ₽
per person
441 reviews

Архитектура исторического центра Петербурга из окна автобуса и посещение главного музея страны – Эрмитажа

Group на автобусе
3 hours
Мифы и легенды Петербурга
1250 ₽
per person
496 reviews

Вечер в Петербурге, окутанный мистикой и легендами. Новый взгляд на городские памятники и достопримечательности.

Group на автобусе
6 hours
Ночная автобусная экскурсия с теплоходной прогулкой
1385 ₽
per person
178 reviews

Достопримечательности Петербурга в ночной подсветке или во время белых ночей (по сезону) и визитная карточка города – разводка мостов.

6 hours
Петергоф: Большой дворец и Нижний парк
1615 ₽
per person
627 reviews

Полноценный тур из Петербурга в императорскую резиденцию без пробок и очередей. Шикарный Большой дворец и Нижний парк с фонтанами.

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