Saint Petersburg

Blanket visa in St. Petersburg

If you got a descision to get to St. Petersburg by cruise ship be sure you are able to spend 72 Hours in visa free St. Petersburg. For that you need blanket visa or so-called tour ticket. In cooperation with our partners MaxiBaltTours we provide you blanket visa online booking service.

Currently we provide blanket visas for cruise passengers only.

Here is an easy step by step guide on how to get blanket visa, proceed through Russian Passport Control and where to meet your Sputnik guide.

1. First of all you need to meet these requests: 

    1. There are 5 days between your arrival in St.  Petersburg and the moment of booking; 

    2. You have already chosen and paid for your first Sputnik tour on the shore and got  confirmation email from the guide;

    3. There is at least 1 more person (totally 2 or more) booking tour ticket with you.

IMPORTANT: The tour ticket is a substitute for the Russian visa. This paper is extremely important, without it you won’t be allowed to go ashore in  visa free St. Petersburg ! Your tour ticket is personal and each person in your party will hold their own.

2. Than you book a tour ticket and pay online. As soon as payment is done, send a message to the guide providing him all the information you saw in tour description and got by email in the field "Directions" (same information).

3. In 5 days you will get a tourticket by email.

4. After your ship has docked in St. Petersburg you will be allowed to go through Passport Control before the start of your St Petersburg shore tour. Most of the large crowds booked on the ship's excursions will have disembarked by this time and you can make your way to Passport Control at your own pace.

5. Check that you have everything with you for your visa free St. Petersburg tour: Passport, Tour Ticket, an exploring spirit and your camera to go along with it!

6. Walk up to one of the Passport Control booths and wait for your turn. Present the Passport Control Officer with your passport, your tour ticket.

7. The Passport Control Officer will clear you now for entering Russia and give you a SHORE PASS VALID FOR CRUISE PASSENGERS IN ST. PETERSBURG.

8. Your guide will be waiting for you a short distance behind Passport Control with our partners MaxiBaltTours sign. Please be patient - it may take a couple of minutes to locate your guide among others.

Now you can request blanket visa with our partner MaxiBaltTours

Read another article if you need Russian visa invitation.

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