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2 hours
Red Bermuda Triangle: stories and mysteries of an old industrial district
2500 ₽
per group
28 отзывов

Пеший индивидуальный тур в крупнейшее дореволюционное предприятие Санкт-Петербурга и его окрестности.

7 hours
Forts and docks of Kronstadt
7000 ₽
per group
1 отзыв

A day-long exploration of forts and docks of Kronstadt, an authentic suburb with a rich history, and once the largest naval fortress of the Baltic sea...

3 hours
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
1800 ₽
per person
29 отзывов

In early 90’s the common property was privatised by newly formed oligarchy. So both industrial building and historical houses belonged for years to the narrow group of people who had not many ideas of new functions for them...

Отзывы туристов
10 days ago
This was an interesting tour of things you wouldn't normally see or know about in St Petersburg. We really enjoyed it. Lots of deep history and facts.
Red Bermuda Triangle: stories and mysteries of an old industrial district
4 months ago
We loved our tour with Olya. She showed us places we would not have been able to find by ourselves. Her knowledge of creative spaces is extraordinary. We really enjoyed our time with her. Also, she gave us some great tips for the rest of our time in Saint Petersburg and also in Moscow. Can not recommend highly enough.
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
Paul J.
over 1 year ago
Very good, saw a lot. But needed better service with tour visas.
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