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Mark S.

Tour date 28th April 2013

This is a great tour to see the parts of St petersburg that you wouldn't normally see but should as there is so much history and interest and Aleksandra makes it a great experience. If you do any tours here you should do this one.

You start at Narvskaya metro, which in itself is worth seeing as it is one of the top 5 mtero stations to visit for their ornate soviet designs, outside of which is Strike Square where "Bloody Sunday" took place in January 1903 then cross to the impressive Narva Gate which celebrates the Napoleonic Wars. Also in the sqauare is the Gorky Palace of Culture, a constructivst arts centre and next to it is a large soviet mural. After crossing the road you're in Yekateringor Park which is a bit down at heel but is an escape from the city and full of history. The partisan monument there contains the only monument to Stalin in the city, on the banner held by the partisans.

Back to the street and you'll see a vast statue of Kirov in Kirov Square and on on the way there is the first school built in the city after the revolution, in the shape of a hammer and sickle. And just further along the vast Kirov works.

Then back to the metro, from where you could or you could go on to the next two metros, Kirovskiy Zavod and Antovo, whihc are also well worth seeing.

Well worth is, thanks Aleksandra.


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