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Dostoevsky and Revolution of 1917
3750 ₽
per group

Grzegorz J.

over 6 years ago
Awesome. Vladimir came prepared with maps, print-outs, old photos, quotes from the novel and from the press of the period, providing excellent background to a fascinating 2-hour tour. Vladimir's narration revolves around the life of Dostoyevsky and the plot of the novel. You will get most out of it if you are familiar with "Crime and Punishment", but the tour is cleverly designed in such a way, that you will enjoy it and learn from it even if you have not read the book. Highly recommended!
7 reviews
The State Hermitage guided tour
1900 ₽
per person
The State Hermitage guided tour
7 reviews
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1900 ₽
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Alynne M.

3 months ago
Everything was excellent! Igor is the perfect guide, we loved our Hermitage tour. He help us buying the tickets and confirmed our appointment days before. Completely recommended.


almost 2 years ago
Very informative and interesting. A good mix of history and art. Will recommend it.

Andrew D.

over 2 years ago
Igor Ribin was our guide in Saint Petersburg and he took us literally everywhere. His knowledge of Saint Petersburg is extensive and he was happy to adapt his tours to our interests. His Hermitage tour is amazing in respect of his detailed knowledge of the art and artifacts in this remarkable museum. You definitely appreciate having a guide. Igor also guided us at the the Hermitage Storage Facility, this is a fabulous off the beaten track must see in Saint Petersburg and the assistance of...

Harma V.

almost 6 years ago
Igor was very knowledgeable. Really, he has information about every room and every piece in the Hermitage. He picked out the most interesting rooms and pieces for us and told about the history of it. The tour we had was very informative. We had a bad start due to the fact that Igor was waiting outside for us, while we were waiting inside as stated on the confirmation. The tour started half an hour later because of this. Next to that, Igor's appearance was not totally as expected; he wore a s...

Aksana L.

over 6 years ago
Thanks for the nice tour, Igor! It was informative and detailed. I can recommend it for those, who are interested in Russian history...


over 1 year ago
Igor was very knowledgeable- extremely knowledgeable about Russian history. He was well organized and knew exactly where to take us. It was a busy schedule and we walked lots but we felt like we saw and learned so much. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Igor as a guide. His English by the way is fantastic!

Samantha H.

almost 3 years ago
We were fortunate to book Igor for a two day hermitage and city tour. We learned so much, covered so much ground and enjoyed the experience that we booked Igor for another day to Peterhof and Catherine’s Palace at Pushkin. Igor is in himself a quintessential Russian experience. His passion for his craft, the history of his city and the landmarks know no bounds. As an Australian, Igor looks, sounds and acts like what we would believe a typical Russian would be, stern, forthright and a se...


over 3 years ago
I have booked Igor for a second time for another two day individual tour (2016 and 2018). It was like visiting an old friend again, and am very thankful to him for tailoring my trip again, and building upon what we saw in 2016. This time we visited the areas outside the main tourist sites - we visited the areas associated with Soviet History, the Siege monument, various metro stations. The main reason for my trip was to run in the marathon, and Igor tailored my trip to pick up my raci...
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