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Экскурсии и билеты
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Отзывы туристов
about 1 month ago
We were looking for something different, and we had it! :) Despite a crap weather that day, Arsene managed to guide us through hidden city gems that we would have never seen by ourselves, without his help. And kept us captivated from the beginning til the end! It was a outta beaten trails tour. And having extra available time on both sides, we extended the tour by an hour to also explore the most beautiful metro stations from St Petersburg. Highly recommended to anyone willing to have a diffe...
Red Bermuda Triangle: stories and mysteries of an old industrial district
about 1 month ago
This was an interesting tour of things you wouldn't normally see or know about in St Petersburg. We really enjoyed it. Lots of deep history and facts.
Red Bermuda Triangle: stories and mysteries of an old industrial district
3 months ago
Got to meet really dedicated, interesting, and passionate people and see a little bit of St Petersburg through there eyes. Really appreciate Olya's patience and open-mindedness with our zillions of questions. We learned a lot and got to see parts of St Petersburg that we would never have encountered otherwise (or had the knowledge to appreciate). Really inspiring to meet so many people who are working to change things and build a future that is more inclusive, vibrant, and equitable for all.
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
Patsy T.
4 months ago
Enjoyed a great time with Irina. We cooked Borscht. It's tasty! Irina shared a lot of Russian culture and history with us and advised various attractions in St Petersburg. It’s an interesting experience. We highly recommend it :)
Traditional Russian homemade cooking
4 months ago
A very enjoyable experience. I learned a lot about St Petersburg. Arseny was a fantastic guide - well informed and a great communicator . I reccomend this tour without reservation.
Red Bermuda Triangle: stories and mysteries of an old industrial district
4 months ago
Igor was very knowledgeable- extremely knowledgeable about Russian history. He was well organized and knew exactly where to take us. It was a busy schedule and we walked lots but we felt like we saw and learned so much. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Igor as a guide. His English by the way is fantastic!
Two-day individual tour: The Hermitage and Saint Petersburg downtown
5 months ago
We loved our tour with Olya. She showed us places we would not have been able to find by ourselves. Her knowledge of creative spaces is extraordinary. We really enjoyed our time with her. Also, she gave us some great tips for the rest of our time in Saint Petersburg and also in Moscow. Can not recommend highly enough.
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
6 months ago
very competent ans serious
8 months ago
Another side of St Petersburg: the liveliest and enriching side.
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
9 months ago
Our excursion to Kronstadt was a wonderful experience. Irina is just a good guide and everything worked as it was planned.
Informal excursion to Kronstadt (Island Kotlin)
12 months ago
A unique and interesting tour for all those who want to see also other things than the main touristic attractions. Olya is a great and enthusiastic guide, who also gave us other tips for the rest of our stay. Warmly recommended!
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
about 1 year ago
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
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