Architectural and historical tours in Saint Petersburg

Tour reviews

Ivan S., Bus tour to Peterhof
10 months ago

Tour was great! An improvement can be made to tell customers where the bus would leave from in the parking lot, as it took some time to locate the bus.

Ivan S., Bus tour to Pushkin (Catherine Palace)
11 months ago

Great tour! The wait was a bit long, but it's a tourist season, so we understand.

Ghettosh, Red Bermuda Triangle: stories and mysteries of an old...
about 1 year ago

Amazing tour! We had a rough start to the day and almost canceled. We are so happy that we didn't. Arsene is a wonderful guide! He was very informative and accommodating. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in architectural history, urban decay or if you just want to get out of the tourist hot spots.

Paul J., Forts and docks of Kronstadt
about 1 year ago

Very good, saw a lot. But needed better service with tour visas.

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