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Walking tours to the main sights in Saint Petersburg

Экскурсии и билеты
6 months ago
Igor was very knowledgeable- extremely knowledgeable about Russian history. He was well organized and knew exactly where to take us. It was a busy schedule and we walked lots but we felt like we saw and learned so much. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Igor as a guide. His English by the way is fantastic!
Two-day individual tour: The Hermitage and Saint Petersburg downtown
9 months ago
Igor is a treasure of knowledge and able to raise to your level. If you don’t need the the basics, but are able to take if from there, he’s your guy.
St.Petersburg - city's history and architecture
over 1 year ago
If you would like to see a side of St. Petersburg that the regular tours don't take you on please try this one! Irina knew the best vintage shoppes. And my Mother in Law is a foodie. Irina took us to the best place where both of us had a great time. This is different view of St Petersburg and we highly recommend it.
Journey into the Past (trip to local Bric-a-Brac/Curios shop)
Samantha H.
over 1 year ago
We were fortunate to book Igor for a two day hermitage and city tour. We learned so much, covered so much ground and enjoyed the experience that we booked Igor for another day to Peterhof and Catherine’s Palace at Pushkin. Igor is in himself a quintessential Russian experience. His passion for his craft, the history of his city and the landmarks know no bounds. As an Australian, Igor looks, sounds and acts like what we would believe a typical Russian would be, stern, forthright and a se...
Two-day individual tour: The Hermitage and Saint Petersburg downtown
over 2 years ago
I have booked Igor for a second time for another two day individual tour (2016 and 2018). It was like visiting an old friend again, and am very thankful to him for tailoring my trip again, and building upon what we saw in 2016. This time we visited the areas outside the main tourist sites - we visited the areas associated with Soviet History, the Siege monument, various metro stations. The main reason for my trip was to run in the marathon, and Igor tailored my trip to pick up my raci...
Two-day individual tour: The Hermitage and Saint Petersburg downtown
Peter T.
over 4 years ago
The "Blanket Visa" is a very easy and smart way to get the required Visa for Cruise Passengers. Simply put it is a piece of paper that Sputnik sends you by email. You take this paper with your passport and walk through Immigration. It is very simple and it took us only one minute to clear Immigration and we met our Guide right outside on the embankment. We were on Azamara Journey at the "English Embankment" so we were right in the city. The Visa is good for 72 hours which makes a three day s...
Blanket visa (tour ticket) for cruise (only!) passengers
Julia K.
over 4 years ago
I had such a great time with Rimma. We visited several quirky, artsy shops, where I was able to pick up gifts for friends and family as well as a couple of items for myself. It was fun walking and chatting all the while. Rimma went out of her way to spend time with me and show me parts of the city that I otherwise wouldn't have experienced. Definitely a highlight of my trip!
Creative shopping for football tourists
Robin J.
over 5 years ago
This is a wonderful way to see another side of St. Petersburg. By taking us to the first Russian second-hand shop and 3 great shops selling things by Russian designers and craftsmen, Along the way, there is the great pleasure of getting to know and talk with a person who meets you with warmth and curiosity and shares her St. Petersburg with you. Rimma opened a door for us to a Russia that is innovative, creative and playful. And when you are finished, you can only want to learn and see mor...
Creative shopping for football tourists
Joseph P.
over 5 years ago
Rimma is great. At the moment she is working for the Kaloshnikov magazine...how Russian is that? We walked and chatted about lofe in St Petersburg before visiting some great shops that i probably wouldn't have found on my own. I found some creative and cute gifts for my friends and family. Lots of fun!
Creative shopping for football tourists
Yoke W.
over 6 years ago
Rimma brought us around interesting little shops round the corners in St Petersburg that we otherwise wouldn't be able to find. Really enjoyed her company and the conversations we had. It's a pity that my stay in St Petersburg was so short, would love to hang out more! :)
Creative shopping for football tourists
Rita R.
over 6 years ago
This is a brilliant experience I have ever had. Rimma (you) have recommended many unique places I have ever been to and and can`t stop buying things there!!! These places are one hundred percent better that those stereotyped souvenir shops and also things there are all accorded with my feelings!!! I am very appreciated to your great tour of creative shopping also your time and patience to help us about the train tickets. For more, sorry to interrupt your family party in which you welcom...
Creative shopping for football tourists

Sightseeing tours in Saint Petersburg

Sputnik8.com is a place where you can find a lot of walking tours of the most unusual theme in Saint Petersburg. Our service is designed for travelers and connoisseurs of the city. If you go on a journey to Saint Petersburg and want to explore the city from the unsual side, we offer you sightseeing walking tours on any topic!

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