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Экскурсии и билеты
4 months ago
Got to meet really dedicated, interesting, and passionate people and see a little bit of St Petersburg through there eyes. Really appreciate Olya's patience and open-mindedness with our zillions of questions. We learned a lot and got to see parts of St Petersburg that we would never have encountered otherwise (or had the knowledge to appreciate). Really inspiring to meet so many people who are working to change things and build a future that is more inclusive, vibrant, and equitable for all.
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
6 months ago
We loved our tour with Olya. She showed us places we would not have been able to find by ourselves. Her knowledge of creative spaces is extraordinary. We really enjoyed our time with her. Also, she gave us some great tips for the rest of our time in Saint Petersburg and also in Moscow. Can not recommend highly enough.
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
9 months ago
Another side of St Petersburg: the liveliest and enriching side.
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
about 1 year ago
A unique and interesting tour for all those who want to see also other things than the main touristic attractions. Olya is a great and enthusiastic guide, who also gave us other tips for the rest of our stay. Warmly recommended!
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
over 1 year ago
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
over 1 year ago
We had an amazing tour with Olga :) she is a lovely guide and even better person ! She provided us with tons of information and tips we never would have found out about by ourselves. We've already been back to some of the places she showed us and they were great ! Thanks again ! <3
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
Marylene B.
over 1 year ago
Idéal pour prendre le pouls de cette ville en pleine effervescence artistique. Olga est formidable! je recommande chaudement cette visite!
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
over 1 year ago
We had the most amazing tour of creative usages of spaces. Olya was a wonderful guide. Insightful and fun, knowledgeable and clever. We would go back again for more!
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
over 1 year ago
she is a great tour guide and give me many special information. If you come to st peterburg don't miss her tour!!
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
about 2 years ago
This was a very nice tour. Olga is so involved into everything going on that you really get a taste of the "alternative" life in Petersburg. Highly recommended. Also the process/ contact etc. is very straight forward.
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
over 2 years ago
Awesome way of discovering a new side of St Peter and getting in touch with the local creative industry. Olya is a great guide and really knows her ways around the creative spaces :)
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
about 3 years ago
Olya is a great tour guide! She showed us places that we never would have found on our own in St. Petersburg, and introduced us to the fascinating art scene. She is very knowledgeable about the art scene, and all sorts of events going in in the area connected with it. Very soon after the tour she sent out links to the places we visited, as well as additional information that we discussed on the tour. She's very friendly and interested in getting to know you. This was a great tour and I'm...
Creative spaces of Saint Petersburg
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