Cycling in amazing parks of Peterhof

Cycling in amazing parks of Peterhof

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5 hours

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    Dear friends, let's visit Peterhof — the country seat of the Russian royal family for nearly two centuries — particularly, one of the gorgeous Peterhof gardens, the park of Alexandria, "the family nest" of the Russian emperor Nicolas I and his wife Alexandra. This park is not so famous as the Lower Garden with fountains, but this makes it even more interesting. And, yes! I invite you not just to visit it, but to to take a bicycle tour around the park. During the tour we'll combine a little bit of sports and enjoying the beauty of nature and architectural monuments of the park with learning some interesting things from the history of Romanovs' family — the last Russian royal dynasty.

    We'll take a minibus to Peterhof from Avtovo metro station.

    We'll rent bicycles at VeloPeterhof and take a bike tour around the park of Alexandria. We'll see the elegant Cottage Palace, the Farm Palace (can you guess what it is?), trace Russian tsars´ footsteps and even follow (yes, that's true!) their cycling routes! Optionally we may visit The Cottage Palace and/or the Imperial Bicycle Museum (all in all there are more than 20 museums in Peterhof, and, yes! there's even one displaying bicycles).

    The tour in Alexandria will take us 2 or 3 hours, then we might have lunch and take a ride anywhere else: there are 7 gardens in Peterhof, and all of them have something remarkable to see.

    We might also combine a bicycle tour with a walk in the Lower Garden (with fountains) where bicycles are not allowed.

    NB! The price doesn't include:
    BICYCLE RENT: 300-500 rub for 2 hours; 500-700 rub for entire day
    you should have your ID document + extra 500 rub as a deposit

    (the price indicated for foreigners)
    for adults for students and schoolchildren
    Lower Garden 500 rub 250 rub
    Alexandria Park 200 rub 100 rub
    Cottage Palace 400 rub 200 rub
    Imperial Bicycle
    Museum closed for reconstruction
    You can see admision fees to other parks and museums here

  • Цены Regular ticket: 1800 ₽ per group
    Regular ticket 1800 ₽ per group
  • Бронирование You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
    You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
  • Место начала Outside Avtovo metro station, on the steps

    Outside Avtovo metro station, on the steps

  • Как можно оплатить? You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
    You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
  • Какова длительность? 5 hours
    5 hours
  • На каких языках проводится? English, Russian
    English, Russian
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