Dostoevsky and Revolution of 1917

Dostoevsky and Revolution of 1917

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Awesome. Vladimir came prepared with maps, print-outs, old photos, quotes from the novel and from the press of the period, providing excellent background to a fascinating 2-hour tour. Vladimir's narration…
Review by Grzegorz J.

In his novels, Dostoevsky portrays a city of slums, dives and brothels. The city embodies the social injustice which his characters rebel against. My tour offers you an insight into how the works the great Russian novelist influenced the revolutionary movement.

As a young man Dostoevsky was sent to Siberia for participating in the revolutionary circles. Later on, however, he became a prominent opponent of the revolutionaries. To recreate the atmosphere of the capital of the Tsar, where small groups of intelligentsia paved the way for revolution, we will follow the steps of the protagonists of Dostoevsky’s novel.

For all literature buffs, it is a must — it’s the classic Crime and Punishment tour.
Walking in the footsteps of the protagonist of the novel, the student Raskolnikov, as he was heading to kill two innocent women, we are going to sneak a look into the everyday life of the townsfolk of Dostoevsky’s times and explore the large area of tenement houses around Sennaya Square, known in English as the Hay Market.

The tour is a pleasant 2-hour walk with several stops at the places described in the famous novel.

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Monday at 12am

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On the pavement outside Sennaya Ploshad metro stop

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1 hour 30 minutes
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Dostoevsky and Revolution of 1917 - customer reviews

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Grzegorz J., Gdansk, Poland

July, 10 2013

Awesome. Vladimir came prepared with maps, print-outs, old photos, quotes from the novel and from the press of the period, providing excellent background to a fascinating 2-hour tour. Vladimir's narration revolves around the life of Dostoyevsky and the plot of the novel. You will get most out of it if you are familiar with "Crime and Punishment", but the tour is cleverly designed in such a way, that you will enjoy it and learn from it even if you have not read the book. Highly recommended!

Reviews of other tours by Vladimir

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Vladimir is awesome

3 months ago

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Really great tour, our host, Vladimir, was so passionate and knowledgeable on the topic, but
Made the night a fun and memorable one. He tailored it to suit our needs also, very happy and would thoroughly recommend.

3 months ago

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Vodka is not that simple as you might have thought! The "vodka tour" was a charming way both to learn and to taste. The place for testing chosen by Vladimir was really cosy, elegent, and... food was really tasty and he went in depths about the history of the spirit itself, explaining us how the production technology drammatically changed in the time of the last Russian emperor. We were lucky to have a sip of authentic vodka produced according to the old technology and to compare it with the newer ones. If you want to add a gastronomic hint for your trip, Vladimir's testing is the best choice.

4 months ago

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The excursion was great! And Vladimir is very professional! It was intersting information and good organization. We are very satisfied. Vladimir, thank you a lot from our group!

7 months ago

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We took the Metro Palaces tour with Vladimir on our first night in St. Petersburg. This was our first visit and we can't imagine a better introduction than the two hours we spent learning about the history of the city through the design of the metro system. Vladimir is a wonderful guide - extremely knowledgeable, friendly and clearly passionate about the subject matter. We highly recommend the tour and Vladimir as a guide to this amazing city.

about 1 year ago

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It was really fascinating tour allowing to understand much better Russian history.

about 1 year ago

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