Blanket visa (tour ticket) for cruise (only!) passengers

Blanket visa (tour ticket) for cruise (only!) passengers

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Awesome !!!!!!
Review by NT
The "Blanket Visa" is a very easy and smart way to get the required Visa for Cruise Passengers. Simply put it is a piece of paper that Sputnik sends you by email. You take this paper with your passport and…
Review by Peter T.

What is blanket visa?

Blanket visa allows you to spend 3 days in St Petersburg without applying for a regular visa. You will be able to pass the customs without any documents except your valid passport, a migration card that you will be given on board and a Sputnik tour ticket.
This works for cruise passengers who travel with a group of at least two people.
All the passengers should stay on the ship over night and have a tour program for the day.
Please, make sure to order your blanket visa at least one week in advance.

How to book?

  1. Choose one of our one-day tours. According to visa policy rules you have to be guided by a tour guide and have a prepared tour program. So, let’s choose the guide, arrange a tour program and book it online.

  2. As soon as you are done with 1st step you can start a process of applying for Blanket visa:

    1. Please, book online as many blanket visas as you need using a form in a right sidebar at this page

    2. Check your email. After paying you will get a confirmation letter with a link to a questionnaire.

    3. Click on the link and fill in all the fields carefully as we will use this information for issuing you a visa. Submit a questionnaire for every person who wants to enter the country.

  3. On the next day you will get your tour tickets via email. These are your main documents for the Russian customs. Please, print them!

  4. In a couple of days your entry permission will be confirmed by Russian authorities. When it is done you’ll get an email with the rules of disembarkation.

  5. After that, please, send a message to your guide to remind about your arrival and make all the points about time and place of meeting clear.

  6. Then you just arrive, meet your guide and spend your wonderful days in St Petersburg.

What if?

  1. I want to wander by myself?
    Unfortunately, it is not allowed to wander by your own without a guide accompanying you. So, you need to book a full day trip for all the time you are on the shore. If you don’t feel like attending a guiding tour, we’d like to offer you a non-guiding companion on the shore. You can book it here

  2. I travel alone?
    To get off the ship you should be a part of a tour group. The smallest tour group consists of 2 people. So, the easiest way to arrange it is to find somebody who is willing to spend time on the shore with you and participate in your tour.

  3. I want to attend some other tours, for example, a rooftop tour?
    Feel free to choose whatever tour you want on our website. Remember, it’s up to you to organize your schedule and communicate it to your day-guide. If you’d like to attend an additional tour, follow this procedure: book a full-day tour and get in touch with the guide, tell them that you’d also like to attend an additional tour (with another guide) by Sputnik. Then choose an additional tour, arrange its time with the its guide and book it on the website. Don’t forget to let you day-guide know about it. On the magic day on the shore start your day with your day-guide, he/she will let you out for some time for your additional tour and pick you up after it. That’s it!

  4. I don’t understand how to arrange the time and the program of the trip?
    As Sputnik is a service for independent travelers you have to arrange your tour schedule yourself. You are free to choose any tours you like but be sure you follow the rules of staying on the shore.

More information on Blanket Visa

Visa-free travel to St Petersburg by ferry or cruise
Blanket visa in St. Petersburg
Rules on disembarkation

Blanket visa 3500 ₽ per person
Activity book period:
You can book tour up to 180 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed:
Directions to meet your guide:

Морской пассажирский терминал

How long your tour will be:
72 hours
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Blanket visa (tour ticket) for cruise (only!) passengers - customer reviews

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NT, Florida, USA

July, 29 2015

Awesome !!!!!!

Peter T., Ajijic, Mexico

August, 21 2014

The "Blanket Visa" is a very easy and smart way to get the required Visa for Cruise Passengers. Simply put it is a piece of paper that Sputnik sends you by email. You take this paper with your passport and walk through Immigration. It is very simple and it took us only one minute to clear Immigration and we met our Guide right outside on the embankment. We were on Azamara Journey at the "English Embankment" so we were right in the city.
The Visa is good for 72 hours which makes a three day stay in St. Petersburg perfect.
Do not be put off by the cruise lines saying you need to take their Tours. This is not correct. Sputnik can set you up with the required Visa on line and your Tour will be better with Sputnik than with a busload of tourists being carted around in a hurry.
Catherine and Peter

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