ERARTA museum

ERARTA museum

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2 hours

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Skip the line ticket to Hermitage Museum
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Reviews of other tours by Marina

Daniel B.

t t t t t

It made my day. Marina guided me to a couple of contemporary galleries, then to the Russian Museum, to see some modernist paintings, and then she left me at the door of the Ermitage (with some useful tips) which also held the Manifesta exhibition,. I had a day full of art, with Marina's kind and (very) knowable guidance. If you like art, go for this generous tour.

about 3 years ago

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Maria L.

t t t t t

The Artist's Tour with Marina was really a nice experience for me. We walked down St. Petersburg's streets for about three hours, visiting many art galleries and the dreamy Mihail Chemiakin's exhibition at the Marble Palace. Marina is a very kind and knowlegeable person, she "designed" a tour according to my main interests and inclinations. We talked a lot about contemporary art scene in Russia and enjoyed St. Petersburg's amazingness.

over 4 years ago

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