The USA touch in St Petersburg

The USA touch in St Petersburg

Price per person

990 ₽


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3 hours 30 minutes

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  • Описание

    Did you know that JQA the 6th president of the United States was here in St. Petersburg as a teenager and fell in love with the city, then years later he came back as an official representative and lived here in SPB for 4 years. Walked and talked with Alexander I and put the great foundation for RUS-US friendship. You'll follow his tweets and footsteps here in the city!

    Did you know that the famous Pirate John Paul Jones (the one that inspired Redyard Kipling, James Fenimore Cooper, Alexander Dumas, and many others) US National Hero — Father of US Navy and a creator of the first american flag, actually lived here in SPB. Invited by Catherine the Great and
    given a title of a Rear Admiral of Russian Navy. Fought with us against the Turks, became a friend of Alexander Suvorov, and almost became the Chief of the Baltic fleet, then years later died in France but was buried in his favorite Russian Uniform! You'll see the place where he lived.

    Did you know that Ayn Rand was born in St. Pete? Famous African-American jockey emigrated TO RUSSIA? That American firm OTIS put their first elevator here. The American company Singer had a very unique destiny here involving spy-conspiracy. That because of an American engineer we have railroads as they are all across Russia... and SO MUCH MORE you didn't know about Russian-American connection but you will — when you join Ilya in his All-American-Tour.

  • Цены Regular ticket: 990 ₽ per person
    Regular ticket 990 ₽ per person
  • Бронирование You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
    You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
  • Место начала Gostiny Dvor metro station

    Gostiny Dvor metro station

  • Как можно оплатить? You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
    You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
  • Какова длительность? 3 hours 30 minutes
    3 hours 30 minutes
  • На каких языках проводится? English, Russian
    English, Russian
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