Photo shoot: Romantic walk in Saint Petersburg

Photo shoot: Romantic walk in Saint Petersburg

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1200 ₽


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1 hour

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    If you want to materialize your memories of Petersburg and depict yourselves on its beautiful background, write me! I will shoot your romantic pleasant walk, your celebration or afterwedding trip to Saint Peterburg. There are a lot of photo shoot options, and we could arrange it depending on your mood: if it's a romantic walk in Taurian, Aleksandrovsk or the Admiralty garden or in Shuvalovsky park. Or do you want to make the portrait session on the embankment of the Vasilyevsky island ? Maybe you are going to nice restaurant or to countryside and you want to save these memories for years..

    I am making photos on the Zenith only a year, but I shoot with inspiration. Shooting on a film is absolutely another experience, than by the digital camera. The film is unpredictable, I don't process the photo because I consider that in the film photo nothing is hidden. Thanks to grain and film structure everything remains such as my eye saw a shot and a camera lock. Therefore in advance I want to tell that some of the shots can be more dark, others more lighter. It not digital photo... It is a magic!

    When we will choose an ideal place, it is necessary to decide, whether there will be an usual shooting or shooting with a double exposition. In the second case two films are imposed at each other, such shooting is more difficult. In my album it is possible to check out what exactly double exposition means. Film cost is separately paid: one colored film costs about 150 rubles, One black&white film would cost 250-300 rubles + its print and scanning on a flash card (the price of one scanning and the print of a colored film within 24 hours makes 200 rubles).

    You can see my photo shoots here :

  • Цены Regular ticket: 1200 ₽ per person
    Regular ticket 1200 ₽ per person
  • Бронирование You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
    You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
  • Место начала In the centre of the city

    In the centre of the city

  • Как можно оплатить? You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
    You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
  • Какова длительность? 1 hour
    1 hour
  • На каких языках проводится? English, Russian
    English, Russian
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