Hero city Leningrad. 70's

Hero city Leningrad. 70's

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1 hour 30 minutes

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On this tour we will travel by car, old soviet car! And all the history will be devoted to St Petersburg of 70's and soviet epoch.

What are 70's are famous about? 70's were the period of stagnation, Iron Curtain was closed and Russia was tending to communism.

We will stop at the points that became the most important in Leningrad during USSR time.
- — Troitskaya square (Троицкая площадь),
- — Aurora cruiser (крейсер Аврора),
- — Lenina square (площадь Ленина),
- — Robespyer embankment (набережная Робеспьера) — sphinxes,
- — Tavrichesky palace (Таврический дворец),
- — Smolny cathedral (Смольный собор).

All the route is thoroughly prepared by passionate on soviet culture guide. It is a unique chance to feel yourself moving in Leningrad (soviet name of St Petersburg) in true and veereey old nevertheless working pretty well soviet car!

Amount of guests from 2 to 3. Price 5000 RUR is shared between participants ! For 2 it is 2500 per person, for 3 — 1700 RUR per person !

Regular ticket 2500 ₽ per person
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Troitskaya square

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1 hour 30 minutes
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