Experimental cuisine in St. Petersburg

Experimental cuisine in St. Petersburg

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1300 RUB


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3 hours

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Find yourself on the crossroads of the European and Asian mentalities, that's where Russia was born. We think.

We cook for you something good and unusual, the dishes you never find at restaurants. Cooking is a long way: to catch the best ingredients play together and find the exceptional synths. This is impossible when you think about sum on your account and rent you have to pay, as the owners of restaurants should do.

Among our dishes you can find: borscht "Comrade against Lenin", pork hot-pot "Grandma on Dumskaya", fish broth "Sunset view from the Hermitage", kharcho "Varazvache's flame", bosartma (chicken soup) "Salome waiting for her lover", mkhali (salad) "Reflections under nut tree", pasta "Giuseppe never comes back" (tomato sause), tayaki dessert "Korushka is jealous" or something cooked specially for you. Vegetarians are welcome!

Products used may be new and unknown. We enjoy mostly Georgian, Italian, Japanese, Middle Asian, Spanish and, of course, Russian cuisine.

We buy all products, cook for you at our home, you come, eat, enjoy and relax. :)

Travellers by state of mind, we've been living all over the world. Now we stay at home and the idea of sharing our knowledge and making good food for people who are seeking for something truly Russian in modern St Petersburg seems to be what we feel to do.

See you soon,
Iya and Margot


Ticket: 1300 RUB per person

What is included in activity:

Dinner includes one dish (soup, first or second course), salad, dessert, welcome drink and tea/coffee on your choice. Portions are big. Alcohol beverages are welcome, but should be discussed.

Activity schedule:

Every Saturday and Sunday at 19:00.

What places will you see:

Vasilyevsky island and our home

Activity book period:
You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
How can you pay for the activity:
You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
Languages in what activity is performed:
Directions to meet your guide:

Metro station Vasileostrovskaya

How long your tour will be:
3 hours
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