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2 hrs
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Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
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We will visit together local autentic Banya founded in 1888 in the center of Sain-Peterburg near metro station Petrogradskaya, Sportivnaya and I will introduce you step buy step what to do and teach you how to enjoy Russian Banya and spend time usefully for your health.
How a Russian banya is set up: A Russian banya has a special room, where a large amount of hot steam is created with the help of water and hot air. Inside the banya, which is usually built of wood, there are wide wooden benches along the walls.
They are built up one above the other like steps. You can sit or lay on the benches. The higher up the bench the hotter the air is. Once someone has warmed up well enough, he or she leaves the steam room and dips into a pool of cold water. You can also pour water over yourself from a tub, while in Siberia it's common to walk right out of the steam room and jump into the snow. At Russian banya there are special bath brooms that are used. These brooms or veniks are bundles of twigs and leafy branches bound together from some kind of tree-usually they are from birch or oak trees. The veniks are dipped into cold water and then smacked briskly all over the body. Russians don't spend all their time in the parnaya (парна́я is a room with hot wet steam).
During a break they walk out to another room which is called predbannik is a room before the steam room. Usually, that room has a large long table and a few benches. In the predbannik, people take a break from the hot temperature and relax, drink aroma tea or special herbal tea, have conversations about life and share their ideas or beliefs to each other.

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3000 ₽
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Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
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Tour to authentic Banya
3000 ₽
per person
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What is included in activity

In Banya I will accompany your to all departments in the Women common department and explain step by step how to enjoy Banya.
I will provide Kvass for my guest, individual blankets, and hat for steam room.
Kvass is a traditional fermented Slavic and Baltic beverage commonly made from rye bread and usually locals like to drink fresh Kvass while relaxing in the bathhouse.

What is not included

Please take a towel, slippers and individual toiletries.

Activity schedule

Tuesdays, Thursdays from 1pm-8pm

What places will you see

Historical and authentic designe of Banya founded in 1888 year

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Bol'shaya Pushkarskaya, 22

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2 hrs
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Very good class, Irina is very nice and helpful. She gave great tips on how to cook brocht. She also helped me to purchase vodka in local shop. Highly recommended!
about 3 years ago
Had an excellent time with Irina. We made some delicious Borscht and learnt a lot about Russian culture and way of living. Thoroughly recommended!!
about 3 years ago
Patsy T.
Enjoyed a great time with Irina. We cooked Borscht. It's tasty! Irina shared a lot of Russian culture and history with us and advised various attractions in St Petersburg. It’s an interesting experience. We highly recommend it :)
about 4 years ago
Our excursion to Kronstadt was a wonderful experience. Irina is just a good guide and everything worked as it was planned.
over 4 years ago
If you would like to see a side of St. Petersburg that the regular tours don't take you on please try this one! Irina knew the best vintage shoppes. And my Mother in Law is a foodie. Irina took us to the best place where both of us had a great time. This is different view of St Petersburg and we highly recommend it.
about 5 years ago
3000 ₽
per person
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
No prepayment is required, pay directly to guide
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