Peter and Paul fortress

Peter and Paul fortress

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    Peter and Paul's fortress is the cradle and core of Saint-Petersburg, one of the strongest and most preserved 18 th century fortresses in Europe which gave the name to the city around it.
    This fortress is wide known as a the burial place of the Russian Imperial Family and one of the most horrible political prisons known as Russian Bastille.
    The Fortress ensemble has been forming during 300 years and is like a city in miniature.
    Sts Peter and Paul Cathedral is the most notable building in the fortress and one of the foremost temples in Russia. It was built in 1712-1733 and to this day remains a prime landmark of the Petrine Era, symbolizing Russia’s earliest outpost on the Baltic Sea.
    Since Peter 1 time the cathedral was used as royal family necropolis. All Russian tsars except Peter 2 and John VI (Russian Man in the Iron Mask) and members of their families found their place of last repose here.

    In Peter’s time the Fortress was not only defense outpost, but also the first political and economic center of the city. There were situated the Senate, drafting office which was engaged in the development of the city’s plan and mint. Along with other government agencies there was a prison which soon became the political one.

    The fortress is connected with city's everydaylife and traditions. In the past artillery from Narishkin bastion informed the city dwellers about the floods, military victories, the birth of the heir to the throne or death of some royal family member. People used to check the time with the midday shot from the fortress which is still performed every day.

    If you havent been in the Peter and Paul fortress, then you were not in St. Petersburg.

  • Price Ticket: 2000 ₽ per person
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    Ticket 2000 ₽ per person
  • Booking You can book tour up to 96 hours in advance.
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    You can book tour up to 96 hours in advance.
  • Meeting point "Gor'kovskaya" metro station
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    "Gor'kovskaya" metro station

  • Duration 4 hours
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    4 hours
  • Languages English
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Peter T.

We were with Lilia for 2 days and had a fabulous time. We visited Peterhof one day and Tsarsko Selo the second day. Lilia was very knowledgeable, patient and fun. She is an excellent guide to have for both of these destinations and without a doubt for any Tour she provides. When (and not if) we return to St Petersburg we will definitely have Lilia show us much more of this great city.
FYI a whole day for Peterhof and another full day for Tsarsko Selo is needed. To be able to see these palaces properly you do need to spend the whole day. We took the hydrofoil to Peterhof which is the best and easiest way to get to and from the palace.
We were docked at the "English Embankment" on Azamara Journey. One interesting point is right beside the our ship is where the Aurora fired the shot to start the Revolution.
Finally we recommend Lilia very highly and if you want a great Tour then choose her.
Catherine and Peter

over 3 years ago

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