Kayak cruising St. Petersburg: Park Islands

За 2 часа неспешной гребли участники тура пройдут на каяках и байдарках по Малой Невке и Крестовке, где проплывут мимо «Девушки с веслом». Далее, пройдя по Большому каналу группа выйдет в Большую Невку и, обогнув Каменный остров, спрячется на перерыв в заводях Лопухинского сада, откуда вернётся в реку Крестовку, в то же место, откуда и начался маршрут.
Entry ticket
Duration: 2 hours
Group size up to 5 persons
Venue: Krestovka River Embankment 2

St. Petersburg is a city of many dimensions; during its more than 300-year history, it has accommodated within itself all manner of architectures including emperors’ palaces, ‘revenue houses,’ a variety of apartment houses specific to the times of Kirov’s, Stalin’s, and Khrushchev’s rule, high-density 25-storey developments, and even one skyscraper. However, most locals, not to mention tourists, rarely consider any destinations beyond the historic center of the city when going for a walk. Too bad, we say, because St. Pete has a lot more things to look at!

When working on our Park Islands itinerary, we wanted to tell people about the famous parks of St. Petersburg located on Aptekarsky, Kamenny, Krestovsky, and Yelagin Islands. Immersed in greenery, these are popular destinations for leisurely promenades, runs, bicycle rides, and walks with children. By the way, it is here that rowing sports first sprang up in the city, which explains why the Girl with an Oar stands where she does.

2 hours of unhurried paddling will bring the tour participants, seated in their kayaks and baidarkas, along the Malaya Nevka and Krestovka Rivers, where they will cruise past the Girl with an Oar. Next, having worked their way up the Bolshoi Canal, the group members will hit the waters of the Bolshaya Nevka and, after skirting Kamenny Island, will retreat for a break in the backwaters of the Lopukhinsky Garden, from where they will return to the same place where the tour began.

Book ticket
2250 ₽
per person
For any payment method you must book a ticket through the booking form below and receive confirmation by e-mail and (or) SMS.
What is included in activity

The tour price includes:
- place in a double kayak
- paddle
- sealed bag for personal items
- life jacket
- waterproof jacket
- work of a guide-instructor

What is not included

No additional paid servises

Activity schedule

Daily - 13:00 and 16:00. Mon,Wed,Fri,Sun 10:00. Tue,Wed,Thu,Sun 19:30

What places will you see

Aptekarsky, Kamenny, Krestovsky, and Yelagin Islands, Girl with an Oar sculpture, Malaya Nevka and Krestovka Rivers, Lopukhinsky Garden.

Activity book period
You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.
Languages in what activity is performed
English, Russian
Directions to meet your guide

Krestovka River Embankment 2

How long your tour will be
2 h.
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