Political protests in St.-Petersburg: Then and Now

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Your guide — Ilya Ershov — works as a coordinator at the only co-working space in Saint Petersburg that offers its resources specifically to civic activists (it's called "The Open Space"). Ilya invites you to visit the main city locations that have seen political protests come to life in 19-20th centuries. Did you know that many well-known places in Saint Petersburg are also full of stories that no one is talking about? For example, that shots were fired in Palace Square (near the Hermitage) long after the Revolution of 1917 had been over. Or that the square near St.Isaac's Cathedral quite recently became a place of residence for local students. Or that there was a Russian Hyde Park right in the centre of the city. When the Russian Presidential elections in 2012 ended the way they did (with the same president reelected once again), anger and indignation were flying in the air. They fanned people's longing for change. Many unofficial activist groups emerged at that time. But in St. Petersburg they didn't have a place to meet, find supporters or share experiences...



Offer for group of 1-3 persons 1500 ₽ per person
Offer for group of 4-5 persons 1300 ₽ per person

What places will you see

The front places in St.-Petersburg (St.Isaac's Square, Palace Square and other locations) through another vision

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You can book tour up to 4 hours in advance.

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Bolshsaya Morskaya street, 39

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2 hours

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