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Igor is a treasure of knowledge and able to raise to your level. If you don’t need the the basics, but are able to take if from there, he’s your guy.
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Take a walk with me alongside Nevsky prospect — the main avenue of St. Petersburg, which connected the Admiralty shipyard with the rest of Russia. Here you can see the unique skyline of St. Petersburg, where no building should be taller than Winter Palace or wider than the street. See this ensemble which consists of buildings belonging to every style, which was used by many of the chief architects of St. Petersburg during its 300 year history. Observe how they developed from the first baroque palaces on the former outskirts of the city and classical buildings of the Empire style to eclectic historical trends and modern style of the beginning of 20th century. It was a street of "many faiths" where Russian Orthodox churches stand near Protestant, Catholic and Lutheran cathedrals. It was a street of commerce with its first shopping malls and headquarters of banks and credit organizations. Libraries, theaters, bookstores and concert halls made it a cultural capital of Russia.

The minimum cost of the tour is 2000 rubles for a group of 1-4 people. For a group of 5-10 people the cost is 500 rubles per person.

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Bored with run of the mill, standard tours, where guides just repeat the same old memorized text? I offer walking tours around St.Petersburg and its environs, which are extremely detailed and where you would be able to find out not only the facts, such as who, what, for how long and for how much, using how many kilos etc., but learn both iconography, namely what allegories are used in that particular object of art or architecture, along with iconology, meaning what values were its owners and creators trying to convey. If you want to create meaningful connection with the place, you are going to visit and open your mind to new experiences you are more than welcome to try my lecture tours in a unique style of infotainment (mixing history and anecdotal storytelling) delivered with my own flair. I offer walking tours around St.Petersburg, that are usually off the beaten paths and could be extremely detailed, but crash/introductory course of main highlights of the city is also available upon request. I am a pedant racountuer, which means I can be both academic and entertaining, yet I promise not to overload you with unnecessary details. I'm choosing breathtaking views all over the city, so you would be able to see the sites, that awe and educate. Everyday I work hard to make experience of my clients better and more engaging. Groups are extremely small (four people maximum), personal, and informative the real nitty-gritty of the city and usually the fine details are not overlooked for the more popular highlights. Of course, the main highlights are available for anyone who asks. My area of expertise is in architecture and art history. But where I really exceed, it is Russian history.
St. Petersburg is full of surprises, and without doubt, is best experienced on foot. You've probably already heard, that it is often called an open air museum. Each building is an exhibit with its unique history surrounded by mystery, intrigue and even murder. There is no better way to see it than to take a guided walking tour around the historical center of the city and learn the history of Peter's creation. You will not only see beautiful ensembles and royal palaces but would be able to find out about its former creators and owners. Was it a curse or blessing for its inhabitants? You'll learn this and much more. I usually speak about socio-economic progress of the country, during corresponding period of time in conjunction with the development of different architecture's and art's styles. Along this route we talk about the history of each building and their former famous owners so you'll get a crush course of Russian history as well.

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almost 3 years ago
Igor is a treasure of knowledge and able to raise to your level. If you don’t need the the basics, but are able to take if from there, he’s your guy.
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