Winter Palace - the residence of Romanovs

Winter Palace - the residence of Romanovs

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2 hours 30 minutes

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    The Winter Palace is not only the main part of the world-famous Hermitage Museum.
    For more than two centuries, the Winter Palace was the main residence of the Russian Emperors and the heart of the whole Empire.
    Its walls have witnessed such important events in the political life of the state, as coups, decisions about the war and peace, signing manifestos, including manifesto abolishing serfdom, as well as two revolutions and the fall of the monarchy in Russia.
    The state rooms of the palace keep the memory of brilliant balls and gala receptions and living quarters have witnessed family joys and tragedies of members of the House of Romanov.
    During our tour dedicated to the Winter Palace, as the main residence of the Romanovs you will learn the rich history of the palace, which has passed through fire, two revolutions and the artillery shelling of World War II, more than once revived, changing its external and internal appearance over the centuries, but keeping the spirit the past times .
    You'll see two of suites of state rooms, where all the major events of court life used to take place, and the living quarters that belonged to three empresses, wives of Nicholas 1, Alexander 2 and the last emperor, Nicholas 2, learn about private life, secrets and habits of the emperors and their families.
    You will know more about the most important events in the history of the Russian Empire, which the memorial halls are devoted to.
    The history Winter Palace is the history of Russia.
    So join now!

  • Цены Regular ticket: 650 ₽ per person
    Regular ticket 650 ₽ per person
  • Бронирование You can book tour for 96 hours before start.
    You can book tour for 96 hours before start.
  • Место начала Alexander's column

    Alexander's column

  • Как можно оплатить? You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
    You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
  • Какова длительность? 2 hours 30 minutes
    2 hours 30 minutes
  • На каких языках проводится? English
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Reviews of other tours by Lily

Peter T.

t t t t t

We were with Lilia for 2 days and had a fabulous time. We visited Peterhof one day and Tsarsko Selo the second day. Lilia was very knowledgeable, patient and fun. She is an excellent guide to have for both of these destinations and without a doubt for any Tour she provides. When (and not if) we return to St Petersburg we will definitely have Lilia show us much more of this great city.
FYI a whole day for Peterhof and another full day for Tsarsko Selo is needed. To be able to see these palaces properly you do need to spend the whole day. We took the hydrofoil to Peterhof which is the best and easiest way to get to and from the palace.
We were docked at the "English Embankment" on Azamara Journey. One interesting point is right beside the our ship is where the Aurora fired the shot to start the Revolution.
Finally we recommend Lilia very highly and if you want a great Tour then choose her.
Catherine and Peter

about 3 years ago

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