Introduction to Uzbek food on Vasilievsky Island

Introduction to Uzbek food on Vasilievsky Island

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Для тех, кто решил отправиться в кулинарное путешествие с Александром, могу сказать следующее: преимущества этой необычной экскурсии заключаются как в получении знаний о местонахождении замечательных вкусных…
Review by Svetlana N.
This is a learner's tour! If you wish to learn about Central Asia, how its current political borders came to be, of the different ethnicities that combine to make this area of the world so amazing, and want…
Review by Steve M.
Alex's tour is a good dichotomy between the food and the history of Central Asia. Very fascinating to learn about this part of the world as we in the US receive only scant information about this region in the…
Review by Mehdi B.
I took the tour on September 8th, 2013. Alexandr is a great host! I learnt a lot during the walk around the local market, and I loved the Uzbek meal! He has a lot of great stories to share, and we had a…
Review by Pascale M.
This tour was incredibly interesting and Alex is so knowledgeable. The trip to the market was great and not rushed, we had time to buy a few things Alex talked about/showed us. He gave us a great history of…
Review by Isabel.p
Alex is an interesting guy, obviously a young man with a bright future (one of the founders of this amazing venture). I was intrigued by this tour having visited Central Asia a couple of times. I learned a…
Review by David H.
I spent a great afternoon wandering Vasilievsky Island with Alex. We went to the market and had delicious Uzbek food afterwards. One of my future trips will be to retrace the silk route, so it was wonderful to…
Review by Raja_yan
Alex was very good and informative he explained with use of pictures and maps about Russia and the surrounding countries and of course Uzbekistan. It was very interesting and it helped us understand the area…
Review by Susanmig
Пал жертвой экскурсии по узбекской еде:) Как и Саша, я предательски люблю есть. Так уж повелось, что на виду в Петербурге, в основном, или европейская кухня, или японская, или то, что мы обычно зовем…
Review by TaksiLet
I have taken many other tours in St. Petersburg but this is a very unique and interesting one! Alex is second to none not only in the types of food of Central Asia, but also in the history and culture of this…
Review by Purplesage
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Introduction to Uzbek food on Vasilievsky Island - customer reviews

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Susanmig, United Kingdom

October, 10 2017

Alex was very good and informative he explained with use of pictures and maps about Russia and the surrounding countries and of course Uzbekistan. It was very interesting and it helped us understand the area and the history of the regions much better. The meal was wonderful our compliments to the chef and the restaurant owner was a delightful man. Keep this trip on your books as I am sure many future visitors to St Petersburg will enjoy it. We certainly did. 😄

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Van A., Brussels, Belgium

August, 18 2017

Not only knowledgeable, Alex was very nice and understanding. Due to the long waiting at the custom control, I arrived the meeting point later than expected but the group was still waiting for me. Definitely a must-do tour.

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Mengmeng, Netherlands

August, 7 2017

Alex told me a lot of things related to central asia, I didn't know anything before so it was quite an experience. The uzbiek food is great, it is very similar to the food xinjiang province in China, I enjoyed a lot. After the trip he also gives me information about the city. I really like this trip!

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Olesjab, Таллин, Эстония

July, 17 2017

Отличная идея и воплощение. Александр - интересный собеседник. Правда цена, возможно, чуть-чуть завышенная.

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Pirjo F., Таллин, Эстония

July, 10 2017

We had a great afternoon!

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Agatha a., Bassersdorf, Switzerland

April, 24 2017

We loved it!

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Jorik, Arnhem, Netherlands

January, 1 2017

Aleksandr was like a window on central asia. He tells you about the people through the delicious food that is on offer on the market and a small market with handlers and products from the region. Combined with his smile and open mind he makes a great guide. If you are looking for a rather different view on st Petersburg this is wortwhile.

(The Netherlands)

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November, 28 2016

Very unique and interesting tour about Uzbek and not only, comprehensive introduction, market visit and tasty lunch at Uzbek restaurant. Very good knowledge of Uzbek history, culture and present. Many thanks to Aleksandr for tour.

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Nick R., Россия

August, 20 2016

Very good, thorough knowledge and willing to answer all my questions.

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Olefir_t, Irkutsk, Россия

August, 18 2016

Познавательно. Так скажем, разговор на тему, которую в своей повседневной жизни мы вряд ли бы затронули. Рекомендуем!

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