The city of fantastic beauty and grim mystery.

The city of fantastic beauty and grim mystery.

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    The city which sprang up by the will of Peter the Great, the Tsar and first Emperor of Russia, has always been famous for its magical beauty, but at the same time its a bit gloomy mysterious atmosphere, and this contrast is a unique feature of St Petersburg's charm.

    The legend has it that Eudoxia, Peter's first wife whom the tsar forcibly exiled to a convent, cursed the new city with the words:"St Petersburg will stand empty!" Word of mouth spread about the kikimora, a dreadful mythic creature, that hopped onto the bell tower of the Trinity Church (the first church of our city once located in Trinity Square) and also fortold the quick destruction of the city. No wonder — "nature itself suggested the source: almost annual floods repeatedly wreaked havoc in the city". St Petersburg appeared as quickly as within nine years at a tremendous financial and human cost and not without reason is said to have been constructed on human bones. The city's history is full of really dramatic events: revolutions, acts of terror, assassinations... But we forget about all these horrors looking at gorgeous palaces along the Neva embankments and the reflections of the sunset clouds in its today tranquil waters.

    During our tour we'll see one of the most beautiful churches in the city, the Church-on-Spilt-Blood, the only castle in St Petersburg and some other legendary places in the city centre. I'll tell you about the dramatic events which once happened here. We might finish our walk in a cosy cafe and try delicious Russian pies to make up all the horror stories .

    The visit to the Church-on-Spilt-Blood is optional.

    NB! The tickets to the Church-on-Spilt-Blood (250 rub per person) and lunch are not included into the price of the tour

  • Price Regular ticket: 700 ₽ per person
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    Regular ticket 700 ₽ per person
  • Booking You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.
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    You can book tour up to 36 hours in advance.
  • Meeting point At the entrance to Peter and Paul Fortress, St John Br...
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    At the entrance to Peter and Paul Fortress, St John Bridge

  • Duration 2 hours
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    2 hours
  • Languages English
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