Guided tour to Soundmuseum (sound art and contemporary music)

Clock 1 hour 30 minutes
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Guided tour to unusual Soundmuseum situated at the ''Pushkinskaya-10'' Art-Centre: contemporary music, unusual musical instruments, sound map of Saint Petersburg, the graphic scores. Everything is interactive!

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Have you ever heard about Soundmuseum situated at the ''Pushkinskaya-10'' Art-Centre?

It is not a traditional museum in a regular notion. You won't hear anything like ''Don't cross the line!, don't take photos!, Don't breath on the chef-d'oeuvre!''

Soundmuseum is an interactive museum where the guests can play almost every instrument like theremin, variothon or utyugon.

These enthralls all the children of all the ages and gives a sense of being an avant-guard musician for a while. The museum-guides can willingly teach you playing all the unusual instruments (most of that you'll never find anywhere else). You can also watch the video-records of the concerts including these instruments.

Using the interactive Map of St. Petersburg you can take a sound-tour around the city and immerse yourself into the sounds of splashing Neva or carillon of the Peter-Pauls fortress.

You can even see the sound: the graphic-scores collection presents music with the visual language of signs. This tradition goes back to ''December 1952'' by Earle Brown and the ''Notations'' book by John Cage.

But Soundmuseum is not only an interactive museum of the nontraditional contemporary music. It is also a concert stage for free improvisation and sound experiments. Musicians from all over the word play here and communicate with each other in the language of improvisation.

Soundmuseum is a place that is worth to see in St. Petersburg after you visit the Hermitage


Guided tour to Sound Museum (Experimental Sound Gallery) 400 ₽ per person
Пенсионер 300 ₽ per person

What is included in activity

Guided tour

What is not included

You can take lunch in our Art-Cafe for the additional payment.

Activity schedule

Museum hours: from 3 to 7 p. m. on Sundays and Saturdays.

What places will you see


Activity book period

You can book tour up to 1 hour in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed

English, Russian

Directions to meet your guide

Saint Petersburg, Ligovskiy prospect, 53

How long your tour will be

1 hour 30 minutes
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