White magic of Russia: introductory vodka-tasting

Duration: 2 hours
Group size up to 8 persons
Venue: Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 2
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
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Legendary liquor, “extremely clear and smooth”, a vodka for the Russians is something more than a drink... As a whiskey in Scotland, vodka has become an integral part of national mentality: the Russians rub vodka on children's chest to relieve fever, it is a glass of vodka and a slice of bread that are put on a dead man during the funeral.

Our tasting takes place in a small cozy restaurant in the historic center of St Petersburg. You will be offered five types of vodka to reveal full spectrum of its taste and production technology:
— 2 classical vodkas prepared according to present-day technology: one from Russia, one from Ukraine or Belarus
— vodka prepared according to a historic recipe described in Russian literary classics
— Armenian vodka distilled from mulberry or carnelian cherry flavoured vodka

Vodka is paired with a gastronomic accompaniment in the form of Russian dumplings from Siberia (pel'meni). They come in a vast variety of fillings: from elk to vegetarian. Our tasting has nothing to do with getting loaded up with cheap stuff but, on the contrary, is focused on the following highly intellectual issues:

What a vodka is made of and in what way?
What is behind vodka label and how to read it?
Why is there no Russia-produced vodkas among the best selling Western brands?
When, why, with whom and with what is vodka drunk in Russia?

The length of the vodka-tasting is about 1.5 hours.
Price is 2.500 roubles per person, 2 people minimum.
(Prices for bigger groups are discussed).
5 shots (40 g) of vodka, a main dish, all shared by the two + a Russian story-teller are all included in the price.

Tasting vodka can help you to open Russia easier and quicker than “protocol” visit to the Hermitage.

guide and interpreter
Choice of tourists

Four Soviet-related Leningrad Walks tours have been conceived by Vladimir I., a linguist, who was fed up with the myths of the Cold War era and the wrong perceptions of the Soviet times that exist both in Russian and in Western society.

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2500 ₽
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Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
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Our tasting takes place in a small cozy restaurant in the historic center of St Petersburg

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Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 2

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Reviews by travellers
over 3 years ago
I really enjoyed this tour with Vladimir. I undertook this tour alone, and Vladimir made it possible to collect me from my hotel, and we made our way to restaurant. We tried five different vodaks, from various places, and also enjoyed some food. Most of all, I enjoyed the company of Vladimir, and we had a great cultural exchange and it was a pleasure to learn about him and his interesting life in St Petersburg. Thank you, and if I return, I will be sure to see you again. Bally (UK)
almost 4 years ago
Really great tour, our host, Vladimir, was so passionate and knowledgeable on the topic, but Made the night a fun and memorable one. He tailored it to suit our needs also, very happy and would thoroughly recommend.
almost 4 years ago
Vodka is not that simple as you might have thought! The "vodka tour" was a charming way both to learn and to taste. The place for testing chosen by Vladimir was really cosy, elegent, and... food was really tasty and he went in depths about the history of the spirit itself, explaining us how the production technology drammatically changed in the time of the last Russian emperor. We were lucky to have a sip of authentic vodka produced according to the old technology and to compare it with the n...
2500 ₽
per person
Full refund for cancellations up to 48 hours
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