Walking Tour "Rich and Poor"

Walking Tour "Rich and Poor"

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  • Описание

    St. Petersburg is a unique city in respect of its foundation, social and architectural development. During this tour you will have a chance not only to see the "parade" side of the city center but also get to know more about what's hidden from tourist sight. It covers some of the well known sights along with the hidden spots of the city.

    We'll start our tour with a place where the city originated and finish at the last residence of the Russian tzar family, which allows us to walk through 3 centuries of history without being exhausted. While traveling through times you will learn lots of interesting facts and intriguing stories about Russian tzars. We'll have a stroll along Nevsky prospect to see the most iconic buildings of the city, breath in its unique spirit and enjoy one of the most beautiful shops in art nouveau style you have ever seen. Our walk will take us through one of the most harmonious streets in the city where all the architectural elements are adjusted to make you feel in heaven.

    Then we'll finally leave all the rich and posh quarters behind and see what's real life is all about in St. Petersburg. We'll see the largest flee market in the city center, walk along the best party street in the city and walk through inner yards to see how people live. Here you will know more about Russian lifestyle, our habits, traditions and certainly shake off some stereotypes that you may have about Russians. After getting an insight into everyday life, we'll get back to Nevsky prospect where you can take great pictures of the Church on the Spilled Blood and the Kazan Cathedral. After that we'll take a look at the most luxurious and expensive district of the city and make our way towards the Palace square with the Hermitage which will be one of our final destinations.

    The last and the most spectacular spot of our itinerary is the Winter canal with a magnificent view over the first building in the city — Peter and Paul Fortress.

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    Offer for 1 person 1000 ₽ per person
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  • Что включено -1,5-2 h guided tour - free map of the city - great mood ...

    -1,5-2 h guided tour
    - free map of the city
    - great mood and fantastic views

  • Что не включено - entrance tickets - snacks or water

    - entrance tickets
    - snacks or water

  • Какие места вы увидите Michael's Castle, Nevsky prospect, Anichkov palace, An...

    Michael's Castle, Nevsky prospect, Anichkov palace, Anichkov bridge, Eliseyev Emporium, Alexander theater, Rossi street, Lomonosova street, Apraksin dvor, Kazan Cathedral, Church on the Spilled Blood, Big Horse street, Hermitage, Palace square, Winter canal, Spit of Basel's Island, Peter and Paul Fortress

  • Бронирование You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
    You can book tour for 36 hours before start.
  • Место начала The horse statue in front of the Michael' castle

    The horse statue in front of the Michael' castle

  • Место окончания The Hermitage museum
    The Hermitage museum
  • Как можно оплатить? You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
    You can pay with Visa or Mastercard.
  • Какова длительность? 2 hours
    2 hours
  • На каких языках проводится? English
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