Informal excursion to Kronstadt (Island Kotlin)

Clock 2 hours
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Вас ждёт необычная прогулка по нетипичному маршруту с акцентом на детали в истории Кронштадта. Город сохранил особую атмосферу и самобытность благодаря своей недоступности и закрытости. Суровый климат также закалил местных жителей. Вы узнаете о великих ученых, путешественниках, изобретателях, военных, родившихся здесь. В дополнение к пешеходной прогулке вы можете прокатиться на баркасе по фортам с прогулкой по одному из них. В завершение экскурсии вы можете погреться в отличной бане с парилкой.
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9 months ago
Our excursion to Kronstadt was a wonderful experience. Irina is just a good guide and everything worked as it was planned.

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About the tour on

The goal of this excursion is to show you the unusual areas of Kronshtad with local guides. Kronshtad was a closed, military, Island-city that was opened to the public in 1996 and was thus frozen in time.
To get to Kronshtad we will take the metro from Chernaya Rechka and from there we will take the marshrutka bus to Kronshtad. The cost of the bus ticket is 80 rubles.
The trip back is made by bus or marshrutka bus to metro Chernaya Rechka or Staraya Derevnya.
In Kronshtad, we will visit the abandoned dry dock built in 1719 — 1759 for boat reparation.
We will see the stream gauging station, the place where all Russia measures the zero level of water.
We will visit the place where the Russian physicist, inventor of radio, Popov created his first radio in 1895.
We will see the building of the Holland Kitchen built in 1803 and the lighthouse of Tolbukhin built in 1719, which even today is an important landmark for ships.
During the visit we will come across parks and gardens.
We will visit the town beach and local canteens at request.
After the tour has finished there is an option to have a traditional Russian Banya. The authentic Banya is a favourite with the locals as it is much cheaper than in the city. Depending on the day of the week, it can be as low as 25 rubles.
Meeting place in front of exit from metro Chernaya Rechka.



Informal excursion to Kronstadt (Island Kotlin) 2500 ₽ per group

What is included in activity

Услуги гида

What is not included

Ticket to Kronstadt by minibus (Marshrutka) cost 80 rubles.

What places will you see

Kronstadt Dam
Cathedral of Vladimir Icon of Our Lady
Fortress wall of Kronstadt
Bypass channel in Kronstadt
Kronstadt Naval Cathedral
Makarov Bridge
Embankment of Kronstadt
Building of Holland Kitchen
Tolbukhin Lighthouse
The Petrovsky dock
Authentic local canteen

Activity book period

You can book tour up to 0 hours in advance.

Languages in what activity is performed

English, Russian

Directions to meet your guide

In front of exit of metro station Chernaya Rechka

How long your tour will be

2 hours

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Informal excursion to Kronstadt (Island Kotlin) - customer reviews

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Anna-mar, Финляндия

February, 26 2018

Our excursion to Kronstadt was a wonderful experience. Irina is just a good guide and everything worked as it was planned.

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